That time she reminded my mind to be still.

If there's one thing she's taught me in these last 20 months it's how to be still. Not still in the physical sense of course because in fact, she and I are the exact opposite of that, but still in the mental sense. She has taught me to slow down, to enjoy the details, see the beauty around me and the perfection in the day to day. Its a work in progress with my conditioned more-more-more adult brain of course, but she's a diligent teacher. Today she jumped from mole hill to mole hill- balancing for a minute, exclaiming "Whoa! Navi tall!", then bounded off to the next one to do it all again. Everything is beautiful to her. I admire that so.

I'm fully aware that it may sound narcisstic to say this, but when I have a challenging day (which 9 times out of 10 has to do with me holding onto expectations of our day's happenings), I often go back and read what I wrote a few months back about living life at a child's pace. I don't read it in an I'm-so-great sort of way of course, its just that I was in a gloriously centered frame of mind when I wrote that post and seeing as how I view this little corner of the net as a diary of sorts, reading it really serves as a self-reality check/self-hug for me. I looked through pictures of her tonight from when she was an infant and I had myself a little cry fest about how quickly she's growing up, how fast this time is going by and how incredibly delighted I am at the wonderful little person she is becoming. The usual. Anyway, today, when we were playing outside and my hands were cold and I found my thoughts wandering to a meaningless mental checklist of sorts, she climbed up on that mole hill and I watched pure delight spread across her face for how "tall" she was... it really snapped me out of my self-destructive thought path of should-do's. Instead, I just delighted right alongside of her... and it was a good, good day. Thank you, my girl, for being such a diligent teacher. I promise you, you're moving mountains in this soul of mine.


  1. Beautiful! The words. The pictures. The people! :)

  2. I couldn't agree with Bailee (above) more!! :)


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