Navi and Violet.

About a month or so ago, Navi and I went to the park to play and get rid of any remaining pre-naptime jitters. We were tossing leafs off of a bridge and watching them float downstream, the ushe, when up walked the cutest little mama-daughter duo. Stephanie and I got to talking and ended up hitting it off and so began the friendship of Navi and Violet. Kids are so wonderful like that, you become friends with people that you may never have crossed paths with otherwise, all because your toddlers decided that they wanted to wave at one another. Oh and an extra bonus? Stephanie is a photographer! Like a real one...Not an I-take-a-million-pictures-of-my-kid-so-I-need-a-blog type of one ;) We get together once a week or so and Na and Vi surely think they are celebrities since there are two crazy ladies with cameras following them around the whole time. Its good stuff. Oh, and Stephanie is due with her second baby (another girl!) on Saturday...send her some good vibes :)! The girls are only four months apart but Navi is on the super tall end of the spectrum and Violet is on the shorter end of things so they look like they're much farther apart in age than they actually are. Navi is also mislead by the height difference as she talks to Vi in a high pitched "baby voice" and is always giving her "goodies" (i.e leafs, flowers, rocks etc.).  I'm so excited to watch this little friendship of theirs grow. Here's a hodgepodge of a bazillion pictures from Stephanie's camera, my camera and both of our phones from our last few get togethers...

 ^^^ Probably one of my favorite pictures of her.... I can just feel those fluffy pigtails on my cheeks :)

^^^ Ladybug petting...
^^^Mutually agreed upon hand holding! Hoorah! Cue our exploding mama-hearts ;)
^^^ Apparently my girl has a thing for doing "flips" while out and about...
^^^ I love this I love this I love this! This little stance seems to so perfectly capture who she is :)


  1. Adorable! I love when babies get together with their friends. And it looks like Navi is SO much older. It's deceiving what height can do to our minds!

    1. Tell me about it! You should see them in person, Navi seriously looks double Vi's age!

  2. I love these pictures and the sweet little friendship! I met my best friend at the mall all because of my Eli and her Evan! :)

    1. Awww how cute! I'm not really a go-up-and-make-friends-with-a-random-stranger type of person... at least I wasn't before Navi came along... so lovely how these babies can set us on a different path than what we would've taken...


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