My sister's birthday.

My sister turned 18 last weekend! This is huge! Theres a big age gap between me and both of my sisters so whenever I see them hit big milestones its always such a shocker for me. Sometimes I just think of them as my friends and I don't even realize how much younger they really are until they go and do something like get their license (or turn 18!) and then I'm all like, wait you're just NOW driving a car?! Funny story: When I found out my mom was pregnant with Hannah I cried. And then threatened to run away. Spoiler alert, I never made it off the front porch. Apparently, I wasn't quite ready to retire that Only Child crown of mine. 

So Happy Birthday, Hannah! The big one-eight! You're such an amazingly beautiful person (inside and out!) and I'm so excited to see what this big life has in store for your. Wonderful things my sassafras, wonderful things! We love you, we love you, we love you and I'm so, so happy to have shared that cozy womb of ma's with ya.... imagine all the fun I would've missed out on if I had made it off that porch ;)

And what do I have to document Hannah's big day? Phone pics... of course :-/
^^^ Telling "day stories" and eating ice chips with Papa at dinner.
^^^ Pre-dinner horsing around with Papa. She was just really all about Papa-time during this visit.
^^^ Han and Chuck looking oh, so vogue in this alley of graffiti...

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  1. happy birthday sister!!

    (I'm thinking either I've been totally off of blogs, or your's wasn't showing up on my blogger feed?! Who knew I was so behind!)


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