My helper.

If theres one thing my girl loves to do (maybe even more than being held!), its be a helper. She wants to be a part of the action, contribute and help out. I'm sooooo so glad that she has such a helpful little spirit and I can only hope that her desire to have helping hands continues as she gets older (really crossing my fingers for no eye-rolling when I ask her to help me carry in the groceries someday...). Helping is fun for her and I'm going to do my best to keep it that way... she loves playing in the sink "doing the dishes" and when we get home from the grocery store I unload some of the food from our bags into her shopping cart so she can help put things away. She helps to unload the dishwasher (and about half of them actually make it to their destination), she throws her dirty laundry down the shoot every morning, she wipes the counters, brings me ingredients (and non-ingredients) when I'm making dinner or stands next to me at the counter doing little jobs (her favorite of which is filling and dumping cups of water at the sink). 

Of course, this means that simple tasks take me about ten times as long to accomplish and my yogurt is more often than not mistakenly left in the pantry for a few hours (or days) too long. Basically the nature of being a toddler means that a lot of times those helpful little hands of hers can sometimes end up creating more of a mess for me... but I'm ok with that. My goal is not to have a perfectly kept home (if you came over you would know this is most certainly true ;); my goal is to teach her about practice, responsibility and service and for her to have a sense of pride in her accomplishments. I want her to know that she can move mountains if she puts her mind to it... hopefully I'm planting those little seeds with her when she helps me wash the kale. I don't know, I guess maybe she's just washing kale.  

Even though helping out around the house isn't exactly art related, we are collaborating together on a project (life!) and recently I stumbled across the most lovely post about an artist collaborating (accidentally at first) with her 4 year old daughter. Its a lovely read, I recommend it... you can check it out, here, and the lovely blog where I originally found the article, here. 

And now a few months worth of helpful little hands at work... 

^^^ One handful of chocolate chips for Navi, one handful for the cookie dough bowl... 
^^^The best part of having a busy little helper? The post helping snuggle requests: "mama, hold! snug, snug, snug!". And with that, the kitchen counters are half wiped, I do my best to silence the pre-Navi OCD voice in my head and we go about enjoying our day :)... 


  1. Oh I love, love, love her sweet heart. I think this age must be about helping and organizing, because Declan is the same way. His absolute FAVORITE thing is closing the refrigerator (or cabinet) doors, whether or not someone's in there. A little electricity saver he is. ;)

    1. Hahaha way to go, Declan! Gotta make up for your mama's Athleta splurges ;) Its a good, good age we're in with these babes...

  2. This is just the sweetest! I think you're teaching her some very valuable lessons! I'll have to check out they blog, too!! Awesome pics!! Love them all!! :)

    1. Thanks, Leah! Sometimes it can definitely be a challenge to make sure that she gets to have her hand in helping since it usually means twice the mess to clean up later (haha!) but I just think its so important for to contribute and be a part of the action :)


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