Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas cards too.

Can we talk about Christmas cards for a minute? I get quite obsessive over them. It's a sickness and I'm not sure where it stems from since my mom was totally anti-Christmas card when I was growing up (hey, mom! get with the program!). But yeah, I take my Christmas card photo pretty freaking seriously. I'm not normally into "posed" types of pictures but for my card....its posed all the way, baby! We only do full on family photos once a year (sad but true) and call me annoying but I'd just like everyone to be looking at the camera, you know?! After dealing with my photo shoot psychosis over the last five years my dogs have gotten pretty darn good at knowing that the tripod means business (haha!).

My big secret to getting them to look at the camera, a laptop playing YouTube videos of animals- no one can resist it ;) Oh, and another super top secret tip that worked wonders for us this year? A bag of pretzels stashed behind Chris along with a toddler bribe ("Ok, Navi... one big smile and then you can have more snacks..."). And yes, she has a mouthful of snacks in the picture. Also, there were four loads of unfolded laundry just outside the shot. Spoiler alert: two of the loads are still there.

The first thing Chris said when he saw the picture was "are you sure you want to use that one?! Don't you think we look...I don't know...too normal?!" HA! Yes, dear husband, we do. We do. However, despite the deceiving picture, our friends and family know better... a little Christmas card isn't going to fool anyone ;) And now I'm off to tape roll the hairiest couch known to man. Hey, sweet little family of mine... I am so beyond thankful for you!

Wishing you and yours the happiest of Thanksgivings! And don't skimp on the cranberry sauce ;)

Oh, and here are a few of the work-in-progress shots. Because, why not?
^^^Hello, laundry pile... I see youuuuu...
^^^ Can you feel my ridiculous determination!? It's intense.
^^^ Begging for treats. Typical.


  1. I love this all to pieces!!! My mom never sent out cards, either... So sometimes I would! ;) Now I'm a bit obsessive about the cards, too... So much that I only take pics of our kiddos to use. A family shot with pets? Forget about it... My head would explode! :p You guys totally rock!! :)

    1. Thanks, Leah!.. I'm retty proud of how these came out :) I just got my cards in the mail from Shutterfly (with killer Black Friday savings too, might I add) and I am so pumped about them. Now I just need to get my motivation up to address all those envelopes :-/ wah wah.

  2. This is still so utterly incredible to me. I don't know if we could get our ONE dog to look. And the three of them? Maybe we have one picture in all that we tried of them all looking at the camera.

    1. Give the YouTubed dog videos a try... I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. A good ole fashion bribe of treats and a little dose of the "I'm-dead-serious-about-this" voice seems to work wonders too ;)

  3. Ohhhh man, this is AMAZING! I too am photo christmas card obsessed. I came up with (ripped off really) four ideas for templates and re created them in photoshop. Now I just need the right photos. WE TRIED to do a family pic in front of our faux fire place with us and the dogs - yeaaah, that was unsuccessful...stealing your youtube tip with the animals...very clever my friend...clever indeed! Up top for staged photo op incentives/bribes...we like to use marshmallows.



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