Halloween 2013.

We had a little Halloween get together with some of my family and it.was.awesome! I feel like this is the first holiday that Na has really grasped and gotten excited about and it was just so fun experiencing Halloween through her eyes. Everyone dressed up (with costumes selected specifically for her.... seriously, this child is CRAZY loved!) and even though she was a bit weirded out at first by everyone's unusual attire, she quickly came around and had a blast. Sure she only wore her costume for 5 minutes (and it took me 3 hours to make...wah.wah.) but she did really like the idea of dressing up ("owl! owl!"), and the evening was a success nonetheless. We had homemade cookies and guacamole and pizza (in that order actually?), watched some home movies, played with toddler toys and chatted it up with everyone. And even though we didn't take her trick-or-treating, she still got plenty of goodies in her Halloween baskets from both grandparents (filled with some trinket toys and snacks like toddler kale granola bars... because they know that I'm that mom ;). My favorite part of the night was probably watching her hug and kiss each individual person before they left for the night. It can take her a while to warm up and let you in, but once you're in, that girl is such a love bug! Needless to say we have been talking about our "Ha-ween par dee" a lot today. Hope you had a Happy Halloween! Love, Harry, Hermione and Hedwig :)
^^^ But seriously? Chris and I are frighteningly striking resemblances to the characters, yeah?!
^^^ I'm a self proclaimed Harry Potter NUT...and have been since the 6th grade...so this photo totally rocks my world!
 ^^^The sweetest laugh. Ever! Dana (the cow) was really cracking her up.
 ^^^ Telling "day toes" (day stories) with Papa. Day stories (recapping previous days in detail) are pretty much her favorite thing ever right now... we literally do this a bazillion times a day... the snuggles these stories facilitate are top notch :)
Oh, and also.... about her costume... I verrrryyy loosely followed these directions to make her wings and her shirt was just covered in layers of cut felt. Her hat was a white hat from Target that I glued felt eyes, nose and feathered ears on. Three hours, a ton of feathers and a pack of hot glue sticks later, I had a little Hedwig! I gotta say, I'm pretty proud of this first homemade costume of mine... the first of many I presume. Working hard, on the night before Halloween (last minute is the best minute, yeah?), it was a real "I feel like a mom moment" for sure :) Also, mine and Chris's costumes were ones that we used back in the day when we attended the midnight premiere of the last Harry Potter movie (high five for being the only people in the theater dressed up... we were like celebrities). Just because, here's a trip down memory lane to the last time we wore these costumes, when little Na was in my belly and still a secret just between Chris and I :)


  1. You guys seriously are the cutest ever!! I'm totally crazy about Harry Potter, too, so these costumes did my heart well, especially Hedwig!! You are one awesome and talented Momma!! :) Wish I was that Momma! :) Your family is just the sweetest, too! Navi is one lucky lady! :)

    1. Ugh, Leah! This comment is just the sweetest. Thanks for the lovely cyber hug tonight.... its much appreciated. And don't sell yourself short- you are SO that mama! xoxo

  2. Oh my goodness! So so cute! You definitely get the "Awesome Mom" award for her costume. Love it!

    1. Haha yayyy! I've always wanted that award! I gotta tell ya, for being needle-and-thread-challenged, I was definitely pretty surprised by how well it turned out... so thanks! :)


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