Detail pieces.

For October...
 ^^^ Picked flowers for Mama. 
 ^^^ First hot cocoa of the season after a cold walk outside. 
 ^^^ Some of her favorite things. 
 ^^^ Welcoming two precious new babies into this world. Congrats Holly and Jamie and Lisa and Nick!
 ^^^ Some Halloween decor.
 ^^^ A lovely hoop I bought from Danielle's adoption fundraiser on Instagram. So wonderful to play even the tiniest of parts in her family's beautiful story. 
 ^^^ When she can't seem to get comfortable at home, she likes to nap in the stroller. This walk was especially lovely considering that the day before I was walking in the pouring rain.
 ^^^ I'm doing dishes. She's apparently trying to climb back in. She must not have gotten the message that its a a one-way kinda passage...
 ^^^ Snoozing on the porch in her stroller. Listening to Truest Intentions on repeat while I sip cider in ten year old sweatpants. 
 ^^^ Patiently waiting for her ball to be released from it's shopping cart prison.
 ^^^ We made ooblek (2 parts cornstarch to 1 part water). It was messy... and lots of fun!
^^^ "Neet neet, Didna."
 ^^^ My empty garden on the loveliest of evenings. 
 ^^^ Gathering treasures in the woods. She carefully selected a bunch of leaves, sticks and acorns to put in her stroller and push home.
 ^^^ The ever elusive snuggle nap. My favorite. 
 ^^^ A foggy morning and some rainbow leaves.
 ^^^ My first tea party with her. She insisted that her stuffies wear bibs.
^^^ Bathroom selfies. Because for some reason, thats what girls do. 
^^^ Some amazing footage captured by Chris at her first ever tea party with Dad and Dolly. It melts me.


  1. Quintessential fall. Even if I have seen some of these amazing photos (the fog?! ugh.) I still am all sorts of jealous. Adorable tea party, ADORABLE pic of her and your dog, and that crazy thing with her between your legs?! It's Declan's new thing every time I'm in the kitchen. He definitely knows that now is the time I am least likely to pay attention to him.

    1. I swear I'll email you back one of these days... I'm on day 8 now I believe, so I still haven't reached your longest stretch. I'm holding onto that to make me feel better abou ti... also its November 5th and I'm just now responding to October 26th comments, so there's that, too....

  2. The dishes pictures *laughing emoji* looks like fun afternoons!

    1. I see your *laughing emoji* and I raise you an *eyes wide, are you kidding me* faced emoji as was an interesting maneuver, for sure. hahaha

  3. What an amazing post. I love the picture of the pup waiting for the ball, so much anticipation but also so much patience with the little one!

    1. Thanks, Deidre! And me too! Honestly if you knew Sandy you would know that the level of patience she has with Na is soooooo impressive. She is just not a dog that I ever would've thought would be good with children and turns out she is damn near perfect. I just love watching the two of them together!

  4. Love how you capture the small things! :) Love the song and video, too! :)


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