Today was perfect.

Today was the best. Chris came home from work early and we got to enjoy this glorious heat wave of a day outside together as a family. We swam and splashed, Navi tossed rocks till she proclaimed "ahh dun!", we picked strawberries from the garden, and our resident streaker walked to get the mail in her birthday suit. We played with the molehill dirt piles in our yard (we're so fancy) and then the three of us (!) crammed into her tiny baby pool while she ate a peanut butter covered banana while my guy and I marveled at her greatness. Later we went to the park down the street and that's when the real magic happened (as if this gorgeous, sauna of a day wasn't perfectly, ordinary, perfection already)!
So backtracking a bit... I took Navi to that toddler class yesterday and it was a major bust. There was only one other kid in the class. Just one. So I drove a total of two hours for a one child play date. Annnnddd the child was more of a not-yet-mobile infant, not a toddler. SOOO not what it was talked up to be! I'm not sure what happened, but my dreams of a toddler play wonderland for my sweet girl pretty much flew right out the window (along with my sanity during my time spent in the car with Navi, President of the I Hate Car Rides Fan Club). So, today. The park...
Normally when we go to the park by our house there aren't a lot of kids around. I don't know if we don't go at the right time or if there just aren't a lot of young kids in our neighborhood but either way its usually just Navi and/or one or two tweenaged kids. Today was different. For a while it was just the three of us at the park. She went off and played on her own in the sandbox and Chris and I talked about how badly we wished she had a friend to play with. We walked her up the playscape and she went down the slides (which she is doing on her own now :) and then played musical swings until she found the one that suited her just right (her fourth pick in musical-swings was the winner... the yellow toddler swing, in case you were wondering). She stayed in that swing for a good 20 minutes always requesting "morrrrreee" when she sensed our pushes winding to a close.
Just when we were about to call it quits and head home for the evening, a little girl and her brother came running up to play. We took her out of the swing and she walked to the sandbox and watched them play on the playscape. As soon as they spotted her they ran over like they were old friends, grabbing her hands and saying "hi". The girl was 6 and her brother was 4 and they thought Navi was 3 (she is seriously the tallest baby in the world!). I asked her if she could say "hi" to them, she smiled and said "no". They laughed. We explained that she was only 18 months old and they immediately started talking more baby-ish to her and being ever so gentle. The girl filled a bucket with sand and handed it to her and Navi about exploded with excitement. She took the bucket and looked over to me with the biggest smile on her face. I was so happy for her I kind of felt like crying. They left to go home shortly after the bucket-hand-off and then another family made up of a 7 year old, 4 year old and 3 year old came to play and they were just as equally drawn to Navi. The girls also thought she was older than she was (she was almost the same height as their 3 year old brother) and they thought it was pretty neat that she was just learning to talk. The older one said to me "awww, I can tell she's kinda shy"... she was so sweet.
The children ran up and down the playscape and Navi followed right along behind them. She never talked to them but she must've followed them down the slide at least a dozen times and I'm positive she considered them her friends. Chris and I sat back and watched her little social engagement with the biggest googley eyes ever, just feeling so happy for our girl to finally be playing with friends...we've yet to stop talking about how proud we are of her.
Aside from the hour and a half chunk of time that I spent trying (and failing) to get Navi to nap when I literally felt like I was going to pull my hair out...this day really couldn't have been any better. I'm thinking that little hiccup of our day just helped to make this afternoon's and evening's events all the more sweeter.
These are the days.  

 ^^^ Enjoying some dried the usual :)
^^^This is what pure joy looks like.


  1. love how tender and sincere you talk about your sweet girl...makes me smile! watching our little ones grow and soar and learn is just about the sweetest thing on definitely evokes more potent and wonderful feelings than i have ever felt before!
    excited to read along as you share your journey!
    much love.

    1. Thank you so much, Katie :) You totally nailed it..."potent" and "wonderful", my thoughts exactly!

  2. I can't believe there was only one other infant at the class! Eeps, but you're a rock star mama...trekked the whole 2 hours for Navi to have some fun. Great work!

    Seriously, her blond locks in the sun - so amazing! Glad your day ended on a high note!


    1. Yeah, the class was a huge bust. They called me up and said that they've shuffled their classes around and supposedly 6 more children have been added to her class... so we will go back on Monday and give it one more go before throwing in the towel. But I'd be lying if I said I was excited about it :-/

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Gorgeous Navi! So glad to hear about your perfect day! :)

    1. Thank you, Leah!!! It was a doozy, for sure :)


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