Sick day(s).

The last week or so has been a rough one. Navi and I have both been working through stubborn colds. Obviously a sick baby is a miserable baby and add onto that a sick/miserable mama and it just makes for a real rotten time. On top of the sickness, sleep (both of the daytime and nighttime varieties) has been non-existant (how?! how do you not sleep when your sick?!) so we've all been extra sleep deprived, snotty, raspy messes. Sadly, there have been plenty tears shed from both of us these past few days. I know. Violin. Anyway, yesterday was a happy one (!) so I'm hopeful that the worst of it is behind us.

I've really never appreciated that whole "the sweet is never as sweet without the sour" sentiment like I have this last week. Despite the unhappiness that was the last few days, there were still moments of overwhelming sweetness. Like knock your socks off, bring you to tears at the end of a long, hard day, sweetness. She's been saying "peez" and "dink ou" (please and thank you) more and more without being prompted. She's been wanting to read books to the dogs and her stuffed animals. She has started calling Chris "Daaa-dee" instead of "Dada". She's been helping out at the kitchen counter any chance she can get (kitchen time is something I totally dreamed about sharing with my future children long before I ever got pregnant). I think these little sweets were made even sweeter by the sour of the last few days...I'd like to think that these tears that her and I cry together during the hard times make us stronger...make us better, tougher, and more ready to handle whatever curveball the next go 'round may toss us.
^^^ Three different naps. Three different days. They all looked like this. It was the only way she was comfortable enough to sleep. 
^^^Feeding the horse that lives by our house was one of her favorite sick-day activities. They're pretty much best friends now. 
^^^These pictures of her and Lulu were taken a few days before she got sick. I swear, every day these two become even better friends. They were playing chase around the house tonight. Lucy's deaf and Navi's only 18months old but somehow they just have their own little language together and they both just get one another. I'm so lucky to have a front row seat to their beautiful little relationship. 
^^^She's a professional strawberry picker. She was in the middle of saying "ope, peedz" (open, please) when I took this. I'm certainly in no position to say no to that face :)
^^^This guy. Have I mentioned he's the best? His patience, his "you sleep in, I got this", his "you're doing an amazing job" encouragement when I need it most.... I'm a lucky gal, thats for sure. Hey Chris! You're the best. 


  1. Bestie! I'm right there with you. I've been fighting a little something, and two nights ago, after a few days of sneezing and runny nose, Declan woke up every HOUR OR TWO and wouldn't go back to sleep. He was overall happy when we were ohlding him, and I have no doubt would have been thrilled if given the chance to watch some tv or play, but would scream bloody murder if put back in his crib, wouldn't sleep in my arms, and just tried to play if I brought him into bed. He broke down a few times and went back, but it was the worst night we've had in over a year. ugh. The next morning I took him immediately to the doctor because I was all, "CHILD. You better have something wrong and not just be playing me for play time at 10, 12, 2, and 4!" He's on antibiotics for what seems to be an ear infection (I hope!) and last night was somewhat better.

    There's my novel of a life story comment. I was just so happy to have another mama who is also sharing the pain. And besides that one night, yours sounds tougher. :(

  2. I sure hope you all are much better now! You still got some sweet pics and even sweeter moments! Love the friendship between Navi and Lulu. Love. :) Also, Chris sounds like a keeper! My poor Abe the Babe is sick, too. :( Ear infection... I just tell myself, "Tomorrow will be better." Sickness just helps us appreciate our health... Or at least it helps me! :) Hugs from KY! :)

    1. Thanks, Leah! Things are thankfully much better around here and we just wrapped up a wonderful weekend... lets hope the sicks leave us alone this season because I am alllll set with colds! Sorry Abe isn't well... hopefully he's feeling better now. And yes, "tomorrow will be better" is always such a helpful little mantra to get through a tough day :)

  3. The sickness is definitely going around. My little one was sick and then passed it to me which turned into a sinus infection that's going on 3 weeks now. :( I hope you both are feeling better now!

    1. THREE WEEKS!? Oh, Allison thats terrible! I so hope you are feeling better now...being a sick mama is the hardest. You still gotta take care of your babe and it really makes taking care of yourself and doing the things you're supposed to do when you're sick (sleep, rest etc) next to impossible. Have you tried Doterra's "Breathe" essential oil? It is seriously a lifesaver for sinus stuff... I highly recommend it :)


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