At the orchard.

We went to our local orchard last week. It was really nice because it was the middle of the day on a weekday so we pretty much had the entire place to ourselves. Chris and I would come here every weekend during the fall that I was pregnant with Navi because I had a serious addiction to their fresh apple cider (its that made in house while you watch type of cider...sooooo good!). We visited again a few times last fall when Navi was a teeny, tiny (and deliciously chubby) baby to pick up apples and some pumpkins (namely for that bazillion dollar pumpkin that we picked up for this here doozey of a home photo shoot ;).  
Anyway, this is the first time that she's been here since being a walking-talking-curious-goat and tractor loving toddler, so the whole experience was quite a hit. We walked into the little general store holding hands and I thought to myself...Right now. Her and I hand in hand. I want to save this. I was standing where I stood just a few years before holding Chris's hand, getting pumpkins to decorate out first house. Then a few years later holding our baby in my belly, then the following year holding her in my arms and now I'm holding her hand. It was a big deal.
We picked out some freshly picked peaches (which actually weren't as tasty as they appeared) got a cider donut to share and sat out on the covered patio to eat our snacks and visit with the resident kitty (who I totally wanted to take home...she was the sweetest cat I've ever met!). Navi swung my key-lanyard around while the kitty batted at it and then she fed her half of our donut. We oo-ed and ah-ed at all the big tractors, made goat sounds for the mandatory amount of time, visited with the rabbits (which frightened her), shared some kisses and then called it a day.
^^^Its a bit blurry but man, oh man... this pig tailed girl picking out her peach in this cute little store was pretty much the best thing ever.
^^^ I took her for an afternoon bike ride and looked over to see these gorgeous deer running through the field next to us! Luckily I had my iPhone at the ready to capture some of their dancing. It was pretty amazing. 


  1. Fun! I was just thinking today that we need to find a pumpkin patch or apple orchard to visit this fall! p.s. that last picture is looks like a painting :)

    1. Pumpkin patch is next for us... I'm kinda sorta thinking I want to find another giant pumpkin for Navi to sit in for a fall picture. I have a feeling at this current age of toddlerhood she isn't going to go for it though... which might actually make for an even cuter picture ;) And thanks, I thought so too! You should've seen the way they were just frolicking right alongside me...super weird and very cool!

  2. So fun, Leah! A pumpkin patch is next on my list too! I think I've been excited about my baby carrying itty bitty pumpkins around a cute little pumpkin patch since before I was pregnant haha!


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