A good, good weekend.

We've had an awesome weekend over here! The good times started early when I woke up on Thursday with a familiar fall itch.... the I-need-to-cut-bangs-and-I-need-to-do-it-right-now itch to be exact. I've chopped my bangs in one way or another every fall since 7th grade. Usually I keep them around for a month or so and then I live in a bobby pin until spring time when they finally grow out. Anyway, with no hair scissors in sight I decided to go to town with a pair of chicken shears and whatdoyaknow...we've made it through three days and I haven't broke out the bobby pins yet. I'd call that a haircut success. My parents came to our house in the afternoon for a random Thursday visit. My mom and dad enjoyed some Navi-time and Chris took a half day at work so we could go on a much needed date. We drove too far to a restaurant where we ate too much (typical). Meanwhile, Navi helped my parents with siding repairs amongst other unusual toddler activities and even learned how to use a tapeline (see video below :)!

On Saturday we enjoyed the morning and afternoon as a family, wandering outside, picking baskets full of tomatoes from the garden, helping Chris's dad take his boat out of the water, reading in the tent (yep, its still there) and getting Halloween decorations out of storage. In the afternoon Chris and Navi had some daddy-daughter time while I went to ride my horse and help my sister get ready for her Homecoming dance.

On Sunday morning we did more of the same around-the-house shenanigans (those are really the best kind, yeah?) and took a brief trip to the store. When Navi decided to skip her afternoon nap (as per the ushe) we packed up and headed off to the orchard for some rainy day fun. Despite the rain, the place was packed with people because there was a pet-baby-exotic-animals exhibit going on (yeahhhh. I know. But furry things bring her joy. And so.).  We wandered around the orchard for a few hours (a few hours! with no nap! thats huge!), petting goats, eating donuts (aka "dough-ou-nots") and watching people have their picture taken with a baby bear, kangaroo and lion. She had her first taste of a carmel apple and even went on a pony ride (which is a huge deal because the last time she was on a horse was a bit of a disaster and this time she actually liked it for a solid 4 minutes. Success!). When Chris puts her pajamas on every night they have a little ritual where he tells her the story of her day. She was so excited from her day of fun today that come pajama-time she immediately skipped passed the mornings activites and started off with "oaarrrr?!" (orchard) wanting him to talk about the orchard.

My mantle is Halloweeney, Chris and I just finished up watching Justified on the coziest couch known to man and I'm sipping on the most delicious cup of hot apple cider that brings back fond memories of being pregnant. If this is what Fall is going to look like this year, I think I could be persuaded to let go of my summertime-chokehold just a tad. Its been a good day. And a good weekend. And hopefully a good week is to follow, woo-hoo!
^^^ Our little helper :)
^^^ Yep. I had just given her a bath. 
^^^ They are seriously the cutest ever, ever, ever!
^^^ So supposedly this is an animal rescue type of organization that hosts these picture taking/photo op types of events in order to raise funding for their sanctuary. Who knows. All I know is that giant baby brown bear only seemed like a happy camper when he had a bottle of milk in his mouth...and people were still lining up to hold him on their lap. 
^^^ Watching the baby kangaroo get in and out a little "pouch" for photos. 
^^^ I'm not sure who was happier about this accomplishment...
^^^ She wanted to rock Wolf and put him "neet-neet". She also gave him and blankie and lots of kisses. It was pretty great. 
^^^ "Nosseee!"
^^^ Sandy was rubbing her into me so I would pet her ears.... Navi thought she was tickling her.... 
^^^ Navi helping my dad with siding repair... and the cutest 15 second video of her learning to use a tapeline. Yep, she pretty has much has my parents (annnnddd everyone else in her life) like putty in her hands :)
Oh! And speaking of YouTube videos... my blog friend Christina of The Murrayed Life just posted an awesome little video announcing some pretty exciting news. (Look at me, being all "blog friend"... I'm so fancy ;) You can check it out here if you haven't seen it already :)


  1. Awwww buddy o' mine. You're too sweet!!! :) Sounds like a perfect welcome in to fall. We went to a farm where Declan decided he loved goats. Not quuuite as exciting as baby bears and kangaroos but we'll take it. And you always have such cute pics of you two together. And I love your boots. I'll end this here, but again, you rock!

    1. Navi loves goats! I'm telling you, these babes of ours our two peas in a pod! And thank you, Chris does good... he's an iPhone-picture-taker-extraordinaire (despite his complaining at me for complaining at him to take more pictures ;)!

  2. you look awesome with bangs! love!

    1. Hey thanks, lady! They're growing on me this time around...

  3. Glad to see Navi is all better :) YAAAAY!

    Okay this post is lethal...you have me wanting bangs...but I know they'd never look as hawt as yours! Nice look mama!

    Sooo where can I find a bear cub...holy cuteness overload.

    Hope you enjoyed your date! woot!


    1. "Hawt"?! Marta you are so dang sweet!...and are you kidding me?! You Miss Hot Stuff could totally pull them off! I don't recommend going the chicken shears route of course... that can be a bit tricky if you're not a seasoned bang-hacker but a decent pair of friskers ought to do just fine ;) ... and our date was lovely, thank you! :)

  4. I just love everything about this post! :)

  5. agree with everyone else on the bangs!! i have never in my life had bangs and you actually make me want to try them out!!! now whether or not i will be brave enough to do it is another story ;) also, love that yall have kept your tent up and are still playing in it!! so fun, lady! xoxo.

    1. haha wow that's so sweet of you to say, Katie! thanks so much! Yeah that tent is realllllyyy getting its use, that's for sure... I told her we were going to put it away a few days ago and she said "no no no no no!"... its still there. Obviously ;)


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