A few bits from weekends passed.

Summer is coming to a close (sniff, sniff.) and I have some pictures I've been meaning to record in this little (online) scrapbook of ours. When those leaves start falling we will certainly miss all the boat rides, time with family, sunshine and warm water that summer has to offer. Here are a few tidbits from our summer fun...
^^^ Chris's parents boat all decked out for a parade. They won. Obviously!
^^^ She only likes to boat if she can go fast, otherwise she loses interest. My mom is a real champ at keeping her occupied during the downtime of getting skiers/tubers get situated. Right after this picture was taken she told my dad to "move" :)
^^^ Hey, look! I can still ski! Also, this is one of only a handful of "three generations" pictures that we have... I need to work on that...
^^^ "Pin, pin, pin!" and "Tah!!!" with "Anna". Navi has developed such wonderful relationships with my sisters this summer and it honestly makes my heart so happy when I see them playing together. I so wish that my sisters and I were closer in age so that we could have our kids at the same time. When I think about my childhood, some of my very favorite memories were made while spending time with my cousins (or close family friends that pretty much count as cousins...I'm looking at you Britt ;) and I just can't help but feel a little sad for Navi that she won't get the chance to have experiences like that. Big sigh.  Anyway, my sisters playing with my girl, I love it and we will certainly miss their frequent visits once school goes back.
^^^ My sister got a new puppy....her name is Maggie and she is honestly the sweetest most perfect dog I've ever met. Except maybe for my beautiful Lucy, of course :)
 ^^^ The sisters and I had some fun with Flash Tattoos... they're metallic, jewelry inspired, temporary tattoos and all around super rad. I highly recommend them for anyone else whose maturity might have peaked around the time of Junior High ;) Also, Hannah and I may or may not have taken an embarrassing amount of pictures of our shiny back tats. High five.
 ^^^ Waving bye to Nana after she kayaked over for a quick visit. Before we moved here I was really worried about living so close to Chris's parents... those fears quickly dissipated the first time Navi asked to go over to their house. I'm so grateful for where we live and I lovelovelove that she gets to live so close to her grandparents and see them whenever she wants. Now if we could only get my parents to live here for more than just the summer...


  1. Looks like so much fun!! I wish that I had even one sister! Navi is adorable as always! :)

    1. Yeah, sisters are pretty great. My sisters and I are 8 and 10 years apart so I feel like we just got real close in the last few years and its so wonderful... I totally wish I had more siblings haha.

  2. Those flash tattoos are pretty rad! Nice water skiing skills, Tissie! I hit the wakeboard this year for the first time in 2 years....was so sore the next day, but worth it. Not that I'm doing anything super cool except for staying up...but it's fun!

    Glad your folks are close by...sometimes never seems close enough though! Why did ya make the move if ya don't mind me asking?


    1. Thanksssss! Yeah, I'm not great either, just in and out of the wake while staying up is about the extent of my skill set. As for the move... My parents live have a summer place on the lake and their full time house is about an hour east of here. Chris and I met on the lake when we were here visiting for the summer and even before we were dating, I always knew that this is where I wanted to live one day. Chris has lived here his whole life. When Chris and I got married, I made the move out this way. Thats the story. my parents visit their lake house throughout the summer and then we take turns visiting throughout the rest of the year. I'm hoping that once my sisters are out of the house my parents will move here full time. We'll see...


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