A child's pace.

One of the most challenging adjustments of character that I had to make when I became a mom was learning to take life slowly. Obviously everyone knows that raising a baby takes patience but the patience required to be a parent is really about more than just keeping your nerve after (many) sleepless nights; its about being patient with your little one as they explore the world for the first time. That's a big deal. It sounds simple enough to just slow down and smell the roses but as adults I think a lot of times we are just conditioned to rush from place to place, activity to activity, task to task and the need/habit to always be "hurrying" or "busy" is a hard one to break. Our culture values busyness over rest and getting somewhere fast rather than taking the scenic route...  now I've only had a child for 17 months but I can tell you that from what I've seen, kids like the scenic route. Of course having a child means that you are constantly busy, but its not busy in the structured adult world check-things-off-your-list type of way... its more of a spend-thirty-minutes-throwing-rocks-picking-flowers-and-constantly-clean-variations-of-the-same-kind-of-mess type of busy.

Learning to move at a child's pace takes work but once you're there, once you see how wonderful it is to just explore and enjoy, you'll wonder why you were ever hurrying along in the first place. A child's pace is really where its at and in my opinion is the best way to really soak in all that this lovely world has to offer. I've never really been one for hurrying and I'm never (ever!) on time but I do have an issue with setting ideas in my head about activities I want to do...things I think we should do. For example, when we go to the park and she wants to climb up and down the stairs by the parking lot and I keep thinking "Come on, we're at the park! Lets swing! Lets slide!", I have to let go of the grand plans in my head about what we "should" be doing...because all we really "should" be doing is having fun. And if climbing the stairs and kicking gravel is fun for her, then by all means climb and kick we shall. After all, she is the one filled with innocence and wild abandon who truly knows how to play... so I really try my best to take my play cues from her. Its a work in progress, but I'm getting better every day.

I know its my job to show her the world and all but I'm thinking more and more that its her job to show me how to enjoy it...to remind me of all the beauty that the littlest of things has to offer. At 17 months in, she's off to a really great start :)

If you haven't already done so, I highly (highly!) recommend reading this article from the Huffington Post. I think its one of those real "game changer" type of parenting reads...it really struck a chord with me and served as a lovely reminder of the kind of mama I want to be.

And now a few iPhone pictures of a little "hike" that we took last week :) ...


  1. Slowing down is def something I need to work on. I always feel like I have to hurry to go on to the next chore on my check list for the day. That article is a real eye opener. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You are so funny! :) This (and the other post you directed us to) were perfect for me to read tonight... I was thinking that I needed to finish vacuuming tomorrow and do this and this and this... I think instead I'll let my kiddos plan our day. You are one wise Momma. Thank you for this perfect reminder! :)


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