Our weekend.

Our weekend started off pretty rocky. Navi woke up Thursday night/Friday morning with a stomach bug and a fever. Take it from me: sick babies are the saddest of the sad. They can't tell you exactly what's wrong and try as you might, you just cant always make it all better. And that sucks. Our Friday and Saturday were mostly filled with sleep, stories and get-well snuggles. We made a few quick stops to see out of town family but for the most part, we hung out at home. We had a bonfire (smores included) and watched a firework show from our bedroom window. On Sunday, we started to see the light at the end of the sick-baby-tunnel through our sleep deprived eyes. Her appetite slowly but surely started coming back and with no fever in sight she was feeling ready to rock and roll. We spent time with my parents playing volleyball (My team lost. Three times.), swimming and Papa even took Navi on her first ever jetski ride! In the evening we went to Chris's parents house for dinner and Navi got to do one of her favorite activities of the moment, ransack Nana's family room. I swear it's like Toy Land in there!
I always feel so exhausted after Fourth of July weekend.... The mass amounts of socializing and lack of sleep really take it out of we hermit-types I suppose ;) After this weekend of holiday festivities, running around and the added sleep deprivation of a sick baby and I am a registered zombie right now. Example: I took Navi to the pediatrician and when her doctor asked me about a time I replied with "noon-thirty". Cool.
^^^ Probably one of my favorite sleeping pictures that I have of her...out cold in our bed with her trusty pal FoFo by her side.
^^^ Mama duck brought her babies extra close for us to feed. Navi was feeling so down in the dumps so it was real a nice little spirit booster for her... and she got to boost said spirit all while sitting on mom's lap- major bonus ;)
 ^^^ Chris and I watched fireworks out our bedroom window while laying in bed. We both agreed this may have been our favorite firework show to date. He fell asleep.
^^^ Luminaries along our seawall.
 ^^^ My mom cooking for the masses with her trusty (and enthusiastic) sous chef, Gooey.


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