Of the "life lately" variety.

A random assortment of life's sweet moments captured by my phone (and Chris's too!) in the last few weeks, not to be forgotten.... 

 ^^^ All day, every day.
 ^^^ She pushed this chair around the doctor's office... I don't think they believed us that she was sick.
 ^^^ We've become the duck's lunchtime hangout thanks to Navi's bucket of snacks.
 ^^^ A little garden helper enjoying our second strawberry of the year.
 ^^^ She picked these glasses out at the grocery store- possible the best six bucks I ever spent, she's quite excited about them.
 ^^^ Somehow we manage to get in the lake with our clothes on about once a day(ish).
 ^^^ A happy girl waking up from a two hour (!!!) nap. Her nap time has been all over the place lately... not like we had much of rock-solid-schedule before, but its been extra crazy this month- some days she sleeps for a few hours, other days I'm lucky if she sleeps for more than 20 minutes. And to make things extra crazy, if Chris is the one to put her to sleep she actually manages to sleep in her bed rather than on my lap. Its madness I say!
 ^^^ Playing outside as a storm rolled in. She said "uh-oh" every time it thundered.
 ^^^ This is our new morning routine. She floods the counter while I wash dishes. Its a messy little activity but she loves it and I'd like to think that its teaching her to have helping hands.
 ^^^ This floating dock washed up on our shore last week, we enjoyed lots of pre-bedtime dances on it before its rightful owners came to claim it. It will be missed.


  1. Wherever you live, it's gorgeous and your baby is too cute! I love her concentrated face:)

  2. you have the most amazing house!

  3. Shades are serious business...and she's all business with them on. Way to go navi. and agreed with Christiana...you live in paradise !


  4. I've been following you on IG, but just noticed your blog. :) I love all of your pictures on here, too. The water pictures are just gorgeous! What a beautiful place! Oh, and I love her name!! :)

  5. Looks like wonderful fun filled perfect Summer days!


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