Independence Day.

Happy (belated) Independence Day! Our day was filled with lots of time in the water, good food, family and fireworks, the perfect ingredients for a wonderful Fourth of July. The Fourth of July has always been my very favorite holiday. It's the peak of summer for me and after the last fireworks has fizzled out in the sky I always have a bit of a derp-derp feeling for a few days while I come down from my holiday-high (kind of the like the post-Christmas blues...but worse). We had family and friends visiting from out of state that we only get to see once a year so we played hard from sun up to sun down- and its a good thing we did...if we're Instagram buds you that poor little Navi would wake up the next morning (if morning is 3am) with a fever and a terrible stomach bug. Here we are on Monday and just starting to crawl out from under our sick-rock (I hope!)... But thats a story for another day. For now, I'd like to remember that happy day last Thursday when we all had only a mild case of sleep deprivation ;) Hey America! Happy Freedom Day, you rock!
^^^ My mom likes to see how many people she can cook for at any given time. This is about 1/10th of who she cooked for... 
^^^ She was obsessed with Cameron. I kept telling her he was a big kid... she insisted he was a "bayy-beee"
^^^ Gooey let her take him for a ride :)
^^^ Currently her favorite thing to do in the water. Over and over and over and over... 
^^^ I have watched this firework show every year since I was like 10 years old. I have only missed one year- last year. Navi can't really make it up past 8pm quite yet so after she went to bed Chris gave me the boot so I would quit moping about missing the fireworks (thanks, husband!). I met up with my family and a few friends and I watched my very favorite firework show while sitting on a middle school football field, and gosh darn it if I didn't feel 15 again for a few hours. 

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