First trip to the zoo.

Chris took the day off from work today and we woke up to chilly, overcast weather so we decided to make the most of it and take Navi to the zoo for the first time. We went to a teeny-tiny zoo that's about an hour away from our house and it was the perfect place for a toddler zoo experience. No crowds, lots of up-close exhibits, readily available trams from one area to another and a nearly empty parking lot that was just perfect for running off any last minute jitters before hopping back in the car. Her favorite animals were the peacocks that were running around freely throughout the park, the goats, giraffes, kangaroos and emus.

On the way home she chit-chatted herself to sleep and Chris and I got to enjoy a baby-sleeping-in-the-backseat-date... it was lovely. We even braved a rolling pit stop at Panera with Ms. Light Sleeper. You know, the kind where I put the car in neutral so the doors don't automatically unlock and Chris does a tuck and roll out of the car and then I drive around the block until I get a text to come back to pick him up and he patiently waits for me in the parking lot with our lunch that he already unwrapped so as to not make paper-crinkle noises in the car... that kind of "rolling pit stop". Super stable ;)

It was an overall very successful outing. There were no meltdowns (from any of us) and Navi and I got licked by a giraffe (totally my favorite part), which was worth the trip all in itself. Also, she's biiiigggg into making animal noises...every time we read a book with an animal in it she makes the noise of whatever animal is on the page so you can imagine her excitement at getting to see these animals in person for the first time- major gasping/pointing/"wowww"-ing etc... and every time we would walk away from one exhibit area I would hear the little monkey on my back shout "more! more!", so I think its safe to say she enjoyed herself :)
^^^ We were very popular with the goats. The whole time Navi we were in the enclosure Navi was saying "Nee! Nee!"... they must have felt like they were amongst one of their own ;)
^^^ She had just got a big lick right before this picture was taken. It's hard to say who was more excited about this giraffe encounter. We may or may not have spent $10 on ten pieces of lettuce to feed them.
^^^One of her favorite parts of our zoo-day was probably running around in the parking lot for a half hour before getting in the car to head home. She played peekaboo-chase with her dad, tossed woodchips, greeted new zoo-comers and shared a banana with me.
Hey Husband! Thanks for the photos... Hey Future Navi looking at these pictures, I promise your dad was with you on your first trip to the zoo... he was the guy with the big camera in front of his face and the two hour long case of the hiccups :) 


  1. LOVE love love Giraffes! This zoo looks unreal! When we travelled to Palm Springs on our annual getaway, we HAD to go to the zoo and feed the giraffes...totally was in awe of this animal ever since. And Mason, like Navi was digging it! I had to get a little giraffe jewel for my pandora bracelete to commemorate the zoo trip!

    p.s what's up with toddlers loving parking lots??! Mason is the same way!!

    side note, yup I do everything in photoshop - takes a bit longer, but I have so many photos, that it's the best way to put them all together without having to get people to scroll all the way through!


    1. Thanks, Marta! I have a real love/hate going on with photoshop :-/

      And yea, I have no clue? Parking lots, Tupperware and a water hose would be Navi's trifecta for a day of fun for sure!

  2. Fun! Haha I love your description of your rolling pit stop! The things we do to keep our little ones asleep! :)

    1. Oh, Jessica I have done sooo many of these pit stops... some with more extravagant bells and whistles than others- its borderline embarrassing! But, hey! Whatever works, right?! ;)

  3. Looks like such a fun day!! How fun to have that experience with your baby for the first time!

    1. Its crazy how you really get to experience everything for the first time over again when you have a baby. It sounds cheesy, but seeing everything through their little eyes just gives the little things a new life, ya know?

  4. What a fun day! I really love your blog! New follower! Also your hair looks super cute. You have a perfect messy bun :)



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