Navi is all about water these days. From a hose, by the cupful, in the lake, or out of the faucet in my bathtub, if it splashes, it calls to her. She walked out into the lake all on her own for the first time a few days ago. She went swimming in the lake with us last sumer when she was teeny tiny but she's hasn't walked out in the water on her own yet. She's been getting in the lake to play for weeks now but usually stays by the edge, splashing up to her knees or so...thankfully she hasn't had any interest in venturing out too far since the water is just now getting warm enough to tolerate.

Anyway, we were out on the patio playing with the hose and Peanut was in the yard rolling around on his back while making pig noises as he tends to do. His flailing limbs caught her eye and she made a beeline for him. He jumped up and quickly started trotting away from her when she got close...and with that began their great game of chase.

She squealed and followed him around the yard for what seemed like forever in baby time and he leisurely trotted around in front of her, careful to stay just out of reach from her chubby fingers (hard to say if he was playing along or just trying to enjoy the outdoors without baby-interference). Peanut jumped into the lake and started wading out to deeper and deeper water and sure enough she wanted to follow him. I figured once she got a feel of the cold water on her belly she would be ready to go back to shore but she just kept right on going. She held my hand (quite tightly, might I add) and pursued her opponent until the water reached her chest and I finally called for Peanut to come back to us and played the role of pooper on their party.

Peanut happily walked over to us and Navi laughed and patted his back and in all the excitement of winning her game of chase, she jerked her hand out from grasp. The momentum with which she pulled her hand from mine caused her to lose her balance and she went face first into the water. I lifted her out as quickly as I could, which in my mama-panic felt like an eternity and in reality was probably more like a second or two. I held her close and she coughed and cried as I carried her back up to the house to get a towel. When we reached the door to the house her crying escalated and she frantically started pointing back out to the lake.

"Wa-wa?! Wa-wa?!"
"You want to go back out in the lake?"

Her face lit up and she smiled from ear to ear while kicking her legs in excitement and pointing towards the lake. So with that, back out to the wa-wa we went, my little water-baby and I.

She held onto my hand a little tighter the second time around.
^^^ Maybe he was playing chase with her, what do I know? From the look on his face he was having just as much fun as she was. 

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