Our evenings.

We've been playing outside together for hours after Chris gets home from work. Our evening routine looks like this.... After dinner Navi asks to open the door. The three of us head outside with a dog or two in tow and try to pack as much play as possible into the last remaining moments of the day. She runs around the patio for a bit then points to the lake and says "wa-wa!" and takes off through the yard with as much speed and determination as her little legs will allow. She usually gets about fifteen paces away from us then turns around and says "ma-ma" or "da-da" and comes back to grab our hands and we walk down to the water's edge together.

We walk up and down the shoreline about a million(ish) times, sometimes on land, sometimes in the water. We explore all the treasures that nature has hidden for us out in the yard... we throw rocks, collect sticks and pinecones, and one of us usually ends up eating sand. Somewhere along the way, Navi ends up losing all her clothes and she does a little front-yard-streaking (our nights really aren't complete without seeing that naked butt of hers running through the grass).  She marches up and down the dock a few times and may or may not follow one of the dogs out into the water, all while holding one of our hands (she flat out refuses to walk in the water without holding one of our hands).

When she's finally had enough she signs "home" and asks to be picked up. We scoop her up and walk back up to the house together and she plays with the hose for a bit while we brush/spray the sand off of her. When the sun finally shines its end-of-the-day-golden-light across our yard, we head inside for bath and bedtime. Lately we've been capping the evening off with something that just really makes my heart swell, Navi has started asking for "moke (milk)" when she's tired and now she requests it about fifty times while she's in the tub. It's painfully cute. These summer evenings with our sweet girl are quickly becoming our very favorite part of the day.
^^^I must have about a thousand different variations of this shot... I don't know if seeing her hand in his  will ever get old :)
^^^ She collected pinecones in her bucket and tossed them in the water. They float.
^^^This particular evening even had a rainbow! A big, vibrant, full-arching rainbow! Talk about perfect. Navi was quick to bring us back down to earth though.... later that night she kept it real by using her nude freedom to its fullest potential by treating our kitchen floor like a toilet. ;)


  1. Seriously that rainbow picture! It's like you ordered it to appear on a perfect day.

    And can Navi be any cuter!?!? She's so sweet!



    1. I knowwww, it was a crazy rainbow. I swear I think I've seen more rainbows this year than I have in all my life combined. And no, I don't think she could :) haha, thank you!

  2. I love it that you guys have a lake so close to your house- it sounds like such a fun evening routine! I bet it would be so peaceful and gorgeous on summer evenings. The last part... haha so hilarious! :)

    1. We just moved here in August of last year and we absolutely love where we live. Being close to water is just so calming for me.... real earth-soul-connecting kinda stuff, ya know? And yes, the last part was quite a hoot hahaha


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