Of the "life lately" variety.

A random assortment of moments captured by my phone in the last few weeks, not to be forgotten.... 
^^^Pushing her blanket "bee-bee" around in her "wag" while showing off her lovely wrist rolls.

^^^ Pretending to be a doggy and drink out of a puddle and crossing her legs like a little lady... she's a really well rounded girl ;)
^^^ She gave Lucy her blanket because she was sleeping...then she thought she'd lay on her for a little snuggle session. 
^^^ Her first flower crown. She left it on for over an hour.
^^^ This is her version of tattling. If one of the dogs don't take a toy from her when she tries to give it to them she likes to "tattle" on them. She is usually pretty persistent about it until I finally give them said toy (which they usually always take if its from me). And check out that t-shirt tan! Yowza!


^^^ She's being so good about holding our hands whenever she's by water. If she gets close to the pool or lake she will stop and hold her hand out until we are next to her.
^^^ She is starting to run now. She kind of bends over and leads with her head like this as a precursor to her running....kind of like her pre-run wind-up.
^^^This is what it looks like to have a 15 month old sleeping on your lap.
^^^These shoes kill me. 
^^^ "Mama! Up! Up" is a phrase I hear about a million(ish) times a day... particularly in the last few weeks she has been wanting to be held all the time. This sling has definitely been put to use- its been so great at giving my arms a much needed break. And the cause of this wonder-filled face? Our neighbor was starting up his tractor :)
^^^A new all time favorite grouping of pictures... I taught her how to make funny faces in the glass... She was pretty impressed. With four dogs already slobbering all over my glass, her little nose prints were just a tiny addition to all the other "artwork" thats always covering my patio door :)

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