Happy Father's Day.

Most evenings, in the window between eating dinner and drawing a bath, our little family can be found out in the yard- her enjoying him, him enjoying her and me enjoying them. Its a beautiful tradition. Us girls catch him up on our day's adventures and we walk around exploring every inch of that lawn and shoreline, looking for treasure that we may have missed the day before.

Seeing these two together is one of the greatest highlights of my life. The love he has for her is palpable- it just radiates from every fiber of his being. You can see it in his eyes and feel it in his smile- she is his everything. When she's next to him, his whole world is within arms reach. He plays what she wants to play and goes wherever she wants to go. He protects her. He makes her laugh. He knows when she needs to be held and when she needs to be left alone. He rocks her to sleep every night and he knows her like the back of his hand. And as for her... she loves him so. She asks about him first thing in the morning when she wakes up and she lights up when he comes home from work.

As she grows up, he'll become her Superman. In her eyes, there's nothing he won't be able to do... and no doubt he'll try till his dying day to make sure she always feels that way. He'll keep boogie monsters at bay, read her bedtime stories, and try to rope the moon if that's what she asks of him. He'll pick her up in the middle of the night when she's at a slumber party and wants to come home (even if its midnight and the slumber party is an hour away... thanks, Dad :). He'll say yes when mom says no. He'll buy her things she doesn't need, council her on life's big decisions and live his life to make her smile. And one day, far, far away, when he and I are no longer the center of her world, he'll hold her hand on one of the biggest days of her life and walk her down the aisle.

And until then, she'll make sure he gets plenty of practice in... walking her around our yard ;)

Happy Father's Day (weekend).


  1. Very sweet post - I'm sure your husband thought so too!

    Enjoy a wonderful Father's Day weekend!



    1. Thank you, Marta. And yes, Chris said it was one of his favorites :) score!

  2. I ADORE father/child pictures - doesn't matter whose they are!

    1. Ugh, me too! Melts my heart I tell ya!


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