Dog Tails: Peanut's Story

Peanut joined our family in June of 2010. I stumbled across him at a shelter a few counties over from us in a not-too-nice part of town. He was five months old and was found as a stray. The shelter workers presumed that whoever had him before had kicked him in the head because he had some facial trauma and was missing a few of his front teeth. I brought him home with the intention of fostering him until we found him an adoptive home. He quickly won us over with his goofy personality and it wasn't long before he called our home his own. (Peanut was my first foster-failure... Lucy was my second... But for the record I successfully fostered and adopted out numerous puppies before Peanut, so I'm not a total animal hoarder! ;)

Peanut is a pretty straight forward kinda guy. What you see is what you get. He's got energy that could last for days, and at three and a half years old, he still seems to be growing bigger by the day. He's as handsome as they come and about as dumb as a bag of rocks. He drives us absolutely crazy half the time but he sure is good for comic relief. Peanut's a real charmer and a natural jokester. He's always doing something to make us scratch our heads and wonder "what is he thinking!?!" (spoiler alert: probably not that much, his heart's so big it must just take up most of the space where his brain is supposed to be ;) and there's nothing that Navi loves more than watching him play "Crazy Claw". Peanut is just a big, red, muscley, built-like-a-freight-train type of boy. And sure he's missing a few teeth, but that gap toothed smile of his never ceases to put a grin on my face. There's no doubt in my mind that what he lacks in smarts he certainly makes up for in heart. Thankfully, his story isn't too dramatic- he's just one of the few pitbulls that's lucky enough to have found himself in the wrong place at the right time. And despite his clear-the-room-gag-inducing farts, we sure do love this big goofy guy of ours, he really is something special.
 ^^^ Peanut playing one of his (and Navi's) favorite games, "Crazy Claw"...
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  1. your pups are gorgeous!! as is your family :) Peanut looks as if he has boxer in him.. i have 2 boxers and Peanut seems to fit the 'boxer-profile' (endless energy/gagging farts/heart of gold) ;). anyways.. i really enjoy reading your blog, so happy i found it! :) best wishes to you and you beautiful family.

    1. Thank you so much Alexandra!!! And yes, I'd have to say that profile certainly sounds like my Peanut.. especially the second one ;) xoxo


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