A few scenes from our weekend.

 ^^^Started our Friday evening off right with the usual beach-walk/yard/dock/streaking routine.
^^^ Chowing down like a boss at my sister's graduation party while being super shy and staying extra close to mom! After loosening up and putting on her party pants she worked on her fine motor skills with Gaga by the pool...this week's accomplishment in the fine motor department, putting tiny caps on water bottles.
^^^ All tired out from the grad party festivities, these two snoozed on the way home.... I enjoyed some vintage Alanis Morissette.
^^^ Nap time has been a real struggle for us lately so watching this girl sleep so peacefully and being able to admire her thick fan of lashes was a real treat.
^^^ She thinks all water birds are ducks. She can spot a bird on the water from a mile away, then she quacks to them and immediately says "nack! nack! (snack)" because she wants me to go get cereal for her to feed to them.
"Play it cool! Play it cool! He doesn't know I swiped the ice! Oh hey Papa... yeah, its no big deal, I've had this ice the whole time...moms cool with it..."
^^^ Probably my favorite picture of the two of them. He is so high energy so it was pretty impressive to see him be able to contain himself enough to play toss with her. Bonus points for me not even having to tell him to give her the ball. Double bonus points for finding such a lovely patch of flowers to lay in :)


  1. I love your photography skills! And those eyelashes! So pretty!

    1. Thanks Kasey-these were actually all iPhone pictures so thats such a nice complement! And her eyelashes... my goodnessss, they're quite impressive! I wouldn't mind having a set like that of my own ;)

  2. Seriously, you live in paradise! Love the weekend round up.

    We all need to wear some party pants, don't you think?



    1. HA! Party pants for everyone!!! ;)


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