A few firsts and other cuteness.

Navi was finally feeling better this weekend and back to her usual dreamboat self (minus an unexplainable case of hives?) and to add some icing on the happy-baby-cake, we finally achieved two firsts that have been months in the making.

After lots of practice, Navi has finally mastered the art of drinking out of a straw! Hooray! Apparently straw drinking is quite the talent, because this little girl has been working on it since she was about 11 months old. She has been able to drink out of a cup for quite some time but that straw drinking has really been eluding her. At dinner she wanted a drink out of my water bottle. I tried to give her a sip and within seconds my bottle was so filled with backwash you could barely see through it. I decided to give a straw a go again and whadoyaknow, success! It was seriously quite the moment over here ("Chrisssss! Camera! Cameraaaaa!"), and she was so excited about her newfound skill, she drank half of that bottle of water in about thirty seconds.
Another exciting first... we finally had success with feeding the ducks! We've been trying to feed the ducks since the Fall... chasing them all over the park and running out to the lake whenever we would see them swim by. Word got out with the local waterfowl once Navi perfected  her duck-quack noise that we were getting pretty desperate for some face time with our feathery friends. This kind, brave little couple decided to do us a solid and came pretty much up to our doorstep for some Cheerios. She sat on my lap so calmly and just seemed to study them. She quaked every now and then (you know, to let them know she comes in peace) and shove fistfuls of Cheerios in her mouth- it was everything I had hoped it would be...(what a wild and crazy life we lead! ;)
Lately, whenever she wakes up from a nap or in the mornings when I go in to get her, the first think she does when I turn on the light is look for her Fofo. When she spots him she gasps in a shock and awe type way and kisses him, hugs him, feeds him her water bottle and covers him with her blankie. Blurry or not, I'm so happy to have captured a little tidbit of their beautiful snuggle session. She's the sweetest of the sweet... I just love her so :)
Other noteworthy happenings of the week... My sassy-sis is now a graduate! Wooohoo! Congrats sis, I can't wait to see what this wonderful life has in store for you... Great, great things are in your future, I'm sure of it :)


  1. Yay Navi!!

    Straw drinking is tough stuff. I give Declan smoothie in a big straw so I think that helped him since it's thicker and stays put better than water.

    And that last pic of her drinking with her eyes closed? She's living the high life and she knows it!

    1. Smoothieeee! Maybe thats the secret to straw-success!? Christina where were you with this information months ago?! And yes, that last picture is really the knees of the bees for me :)

  2. Awh so exciting!! I can't wait to experience this!!


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