Warm days, cold water and a tiny ponytail.

The weather here last week was amazing- it felt like we skipped right over spring and jumped straight into summer. I let Navi put her feet in the lake despite the water still be freezing cold and she was IN LOVE. About five minutes after her toes first hit the water she was stripped naked and splashing around like crazy. Pretty sure our neighbors thought I was the most neglectful mother on the planet since the water is still bone numbingly cold, but Navi only complained when I told her it was time to get out so I guess I still have mom-of-the-year-status in her book.
While letting our feet get numb in the water, I taught her how to toss rocks and it looks like it is going to be one of her favorite activities this summer. "Roh-Roh!" she says, and then points into the water for me to scoop a rock out for her. Then she winds her arm up, real serious, and tosses that sucker with all her might. We watch it hit the water with a tiny plop about two feet from where she's standing and in that moment, I don't think that the two of us could be any more proud.
In other news, Ms. Navi wore her first ponytail a few days ago. That teeny-tiny-Pebbles-Flintstone little sprout on top of her head made my heart explode clear out of my chest. Putting her hair in a ponytail was a really proud mama moment for me to say the least- like an initiation of sorts. Here are three out of about a million pictures I took to document the very special occasion :) ...


  1. I love Navi's little ponytail! and her little blue polka dot outfit.
    I often wonder how long my Nolan's hair would be if I hadn't cut it several times.


    1. I knowww I'm seriously (borderline unhealthfully) obsessed with her ponytail ;) .... The first pic is my new phone background and I think I smile like a little giddy school girl every time I look at my phone. Props to you for cutting your Nolan's hair, I told Chris I'm totally going to be that mom letting her kid walk around with a mini mullet because I'm going to refuse to cut it even when its time hahaha


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