Things we did on a Tuesday.

Things we did on a Tuesday. In April. 2013.
8am - Rise and shine.

9am - We read books, books and more books. All at least twice.
10am - Scrambled eggs, oatmeal and berries.
11am - We're off to Target (she's just as excited as I am- starting that Target addiction off nice and early ;-)
12pm - She visits with her daddy at work.
1pm - A nap in mama's arms
2pm- Lunchtime... one bite for Navi, two bites for the dogs. Unless its potpie or green beans, then she's not sharing.
3pm - We play fetch with the dogs and have some hearty belly laughs.
4pm - We go for a bike ride around the lake...she asks for more when we stop. I bike down two extra streets for good measure.
5pm - We She eats the rest of her snack from earlier in the day and we play chase around the couch.
6pm - She eats dinner and tries out her tree swing for the first time... its a big hit!
7pm - She spies on the tractor from both inside and outside the house. (tractors are one of her favorite things at the moment)
8pm - The mama-bath/daddy-bedtime routine.
9pm -  The day comes to a close and I meet up with my old, faithful friend. We watch the sunset. 


  1. It really is the simple day to day things that are the most beautiful!

    1. Jessica, I couldn't agree more :)


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