Running the numbers.

8- the number of miles I have pushed the stroller and/or pulled the bike trailer in the last week.

9- the number of hours Chris has spent rocking Navi to sleep for bedtime in the last week.

10- the number of hours I have rocked Navi to sleep for naptime in the last week.

16-the combined number of times that we have gotten up with Navi in the middle of the night in the last week.

1824- the number of days that Chris and I have been married.

3829- the number of days that Chris and I have been a couple.

16- the number of hours it took from water breaking to Navi being born.

1196- the number of pictures that I took of Navi in the month of May. I think I have a problem. My hard drive agrees.

5- the number of furry family members we have (four dogs and a horse).

10- the number of hand signs that Navi currently knows (hi, bye, Gaga, book, home, drive, open, noise, food, new diaper).

3- the number of blankies that she likes to nap with.

13- the number of scrambled eggs that Navi has eaten in the last week.

2- the number of bonfires that we have enjoyed in the last week.

49- the temperature outside here on Monday.

12- the number of teeth that Navi has (plus one on the way).

99- the percentile that Navi is in for height (according to her one-year checkup).

6- the number of kisses that Navi has given me this week.

1,000,000- the number of kisses that I have given her this week (a rough estimate ;).
^^^ These elbow dimples. I melt :)
Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet did a sweet little post in numbers a while back... you can check it out here :)


  1. I looooove lovvveee lovvveee this & may steal the idea!! So cute!!

    1. Thanks, Rorie :) I saw some numbers posts on Casey and Danielle's sites a while back and loved them so I figured I'd get in on the fun too :)

  2. I am glad I am not the only one who obsesses over little baby body parts like elbows!

    1. HA! No way Kasey! Elbow dimples, wrist rolls, hair curls... you name it, I obsess over it ;)


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