My parents opened their pool for the season so we took Navi to their house for a little swim time. She's been playing in the lake for a few weeks now but never going out farther than her knees because the water is still so cold. The last time she went swimming was in early March when Chris and I checked into the Holiday Inn for a few hours to use their pool and pretended like we were on Spring vacation. Good stuff. 

She totally loved my parent's pool but not so much the swimming side of things. What she really enjoyed was just hanging out on the steps, watching the dogs swim, chewing on dive sticks and of course, tossing rocks. She also liked walking precariously close to the pools edge and just generally strutting her stuff around the yard while collecting random treasures. As proof of her fun filled day, she only woke up one time last night and didn't wake up for the day until 10am...it was crazy...I didn't really know what to do with myself?!
^^^ She sat on that step tossing rocks with my mom for FORTY straight minutes! Chris and I were both able to relax, sit still and soaked in some vitamin D... it was perfection :)
^^^ Man, oh man! Teeny tiny baby butts, big floppy hats and crisscross-back-strap bathing suits?! It just doesn't get any cuter than that.
^^^ There was about twenty minutes or so where she just wanted to roam around by herself. She didn't want any help or a chaperone, she just wanted to walk the yard and explore on her own, big-girl style. That four-legged beauty is Minka... one of Sandy's sisters. 
In other exciting news not pictured here...Navi did NOT get salmonella. In a not so proud mama-moment last week, I left a carton of eggs out on the couch. Why were the eggs on the couch? Because her room is right above the kitchen and I was making her breakfast and I like to go to extreme measure to not wake her up in the morning... scrambling eggs in the office is one of those measures. Anyway, I forgot about the eggs and forty minutes later, with a belly full of breakfast, she found her way into the office while I cleaned up the kitchen. She was playing so quietly by herself that I just kept going about my business, amazed at how fast I was accomplishing the tasks at hand. I should've known better- if a toddler is being quiet by themselves, get suspicious! 

After about five minutes of too-quiet-playtime, I decided to take a peak to see what she was up to. There she was, whole egg in hand with another egg cracked and smashed all over the carpet. And bless Lucy, in true mama fashion she was diligently trying to clean up after her as quickly as she could. So Navi (and Lucy) got a nice big taste of raw egg and I beat myself up over it for a couple of hours. Chris and I hoped and prayed that nothing would come of it and after consulting the highest authority on all things medical (aka Google ;-) we decided that if we made it to the end of the weekend ailment free we would be able to declare victory over the raw eggs. And whadoyaknow, here we are, ailment free (knock on wood!). Hooray!


  1. I came across a food blog a while ago where the mom put raw egg in her daughters smoothie every morning. I was a little worried about trying it so I called the doctor's office. The nurse said it was fine to do if my daughter would even eat it. I ultimately came to the decision not to, but now I know that it isn't going to make her sick!

    1. Raw egg smoothie.... I dont know if I could stomach that one! Navi on the other hand, who knows, maybe she'd think it was tasty ;)

  2. She is freaking precious! Love her swimsuit :)

    xo Ashley


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