Our Memorial Day weekend.

A few scenes from our Memorial Day weekend...
 ^^^ A new favorite pastime of hers is to "awak uh-ah-dah" (walk up and down) any dock or flight of stairs... just as long as there is some element of danger involved, she's game. Luckily, she always reaches for my hand before attempting anything too risky :)
 ^^^ Guess who discovered their tongue this weekend?!? Any guesses ;) I have about twenty pictures of Navi with her tongue out in various situations... I think this face has to be my favorite.

 ^^^ The man dog, the legend, Mr. Gooey Phelps. This is my sister's dog Oliver (aka: Gooey). He will literally take off swimming without any regard for his safety and not come back. He was once found in the middle of the lake, far from my parent's house and presumably on his way to some enchanted island, summoned out to sea by the mighty Poseidon himself. He has also been known to jump off a moving boat at a moment's notice (my sister jumped in the water to save him... he is a much better swimmer than she is). He's pretty rad.
 ^^^ My dad has always been the lone male in a house full of women. Three daughters plus a wife and now we've added a granddaughter to the mix. Needless to say, he is a bubble-blowing-flower-collecting-purse-holding champion of sorts and he claims he wouldn't have it any other way. He can also do nail-art like no body's business and bust out some pushups with us girls sitting on his back . We all think he's a pretty big deal :)
^^^ Smores and the wonderful, aimless chit chat that takes place around a late-night fire are some of my favorite things about summertime. As an added bonus, I always sleep like a rock when I go to bed smelling like bonfire.

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  1. What a perfect weekend. I am completely and utterly jealous of that weekend. Boats, campfires, swimming dogs, and most importantly, family? JEALOUS.


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