Ocean fever, leafy shoes and an acrobatic squirrel.

A bit of random irrelevance...

Its been cold here the last few days. We had a nice teaser of Summer weather, but the chill that can be Spring has come back to bite us. It stings. Looking at pictures of past warm-weather-vacations seems to be something that I do involuntarily when the temperature drops below 50ºF. This picture is from a trip we took to the British Virgin Islands with Chris's family exactly three years ago. I hope Chris and I can one day return to those crystal blue waters with Navi in tow....the ocean will probably continually be whispering sweet nothings in my ear until I do.
Moving on...
I got some cute new Converse and decided it would be a good idea to wear them on a beast of a walk. It was not. At about mile three, agony was setting in and by mile five I was putting way to much weight on the stroller handle and counting the steps to my front door- all the while wondering if my shoes were leaving a trail of blood behind me. Yes, it was that bad.

I had three blisters on each foot and no joke, one on my heal was the size of a silver dollar (cute visual, huh?!). Anyway, the next day Navi and I were out for another walk (because she's the boss and if "awak" is what she wants, then a walk is what she gets) and this time I wore a more reasonable pair of shoes. Despite my footwear change, my right foot started bleeding about a half mile into our walk. I tried taking my shoe half off and walking on top of the folded down heel and also doing a kind of tip-toe-dance-type-maneuver with each step... both were ineffective and the latter felt both physically and socially uncomfortable.

Desperate for relief, I saw a little hosta plant coming up in a roadside garden. I looked at that little green leaf and figured, I'd like to think of myself as a mildly crunchy gal, and anything's got to be better than bleeding with every step so why not try shoving a leaf in my shoe. I wrapped a smooth leaf on my heal and walah! No pain! I felt a soothing cooling sensation and aside from the minor downside of being a leaf thief (sorry, fellow gardener), I was able to complete my mondo walk with no complications.

Needless to say, I'm pretty fond of my little discovery... Rock on Mother Nature, rock on! So should you find yourself our and about with blistered feet and no Band-Aid and there's a lovely hosta in sight (or maybe any leaf for that matter?), give this little trick a try. You're welcome ;)

And finally....

This cute little squirrel has discovered my hanging bird feeder. Chris, Navi the dogs and myself all get a real kick out of watching her do various gravity defying acrobatics all in the name of a few sunflower seeds. We've decided she's more fun to watch than the birds. The end :)

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