Mother's Day.

This year was my second Mother's Day with my sweet girl and it was pretty darn close to perfect (a far cry from our stressful-multiple-hours-on-the-road-tiny-baby-at-a-crowded-restaurant-eating-take-out-in-the-car fiasco of last year). We visited with our families and enjoyed the sunshine (despite the freezing temperatures). Other than Chris's bug-related, somewhat severe, eye injury, I'd say we had an overall great day. 

I'm so thankful for my sweet little angel for making me a mama, she is my whole world and I just love her so. Now that I have a baby of my own, its pretty awesomely amazing to think that for the last 25 years, someone has loved me as much as I love Navi. My mom gives me her whole heart each and every day and I'm beyond grateful for her. Happy, happy Mother's Day!

^^^ An afternoon nap on Mother's Day... Possibly the best gift I could've been given. And as if the nap snuggles weren't sweet enough, while us girls were resting, Chris cleaned out my car... like clean, clean! Thank you times a million sweet husband!
^^^From our Saturday evening walk- She was falling asleep on my back while holding her daddy's arm. It was the sweetest moment, she refused to let him go. She took turns laying her head on my back and then laying her head on his arm.


  1. The last picture is so sweet! I love seeing a father and daughter's love for each other. And I love your skirt!

    1. Thanks, Kasey... its from Billabong. And I think that last picture has to be one of my favorites of all time, you can just feel the sweetness when you look at it :)

  2. I love Navi's personalized hoodie! where do you get that?!


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