Memories in a jar.

These days are just so sweet right now- I wish I could bottle them up to relive and enjoy years down the line. I imagine a tiny, cute, potting shed with shelf upon shelf of blue mason jars (because those are the prettiest ones), each holding a sweet little memory from this time with my girl. Its a time when theres no-place-like-mom, and each sunrise brings with it the promise of an adventure full of exciting discoveries.

She's seeing everything for the first time, hearing everything for the first time, learning words and smells and tastes for the first time. Call me a sap, but its really and truly just magical to be a part of. Seeing the world through her eyes, everything is like new again and I just want to capture and save these days, these moments, exactly as they are- her experiencing and falling in love with this world for the first time and me falling in love with it all over again.

Words woven with pictures. These are the closest I'll ever get to my memories in a jar. I hope when this season of my life is long gone, and I'm no longer the one that her sun rises and sets around, that I look at these pictures and read the words I once wrote, and remember the way her hair smells in the sunshine, the feel of her head when she leans it on my shoulder and the way she says "ohhhh" when she sees something she thinks is cute... and that I'll always remember that the little things really are the big things.
As I mentioned before, Navi has perfected two new sign language signs (or at least her version of them) in the last few weeks. When she hears something in the distance she puts her hand to her ear, listens for a moment and then looks at me and excitedly says "noynoy! (noise)". On Sunday morning, Chris was in her room playing with her and I was downstairs making breakfast. I was banging pots and pans around, as I tend to do when I'm half asleep, and Chris said she immediately stopped playing and put her little hand to her ear then looked at him and exclaimed "Mama!?!" My girl knows her stuff.... obnoxious  early morning noises and the smell of burning eggs making its way into her room.... must mean moms's in the kitchen.
The second sign she has become quite fond of is the sign for "open". Navi's personal version of this sign is to throw her arms up over her head and reach as high as she possibly can. She will walk up to a closed door, bring me a jar of peanut butter or a book, point to the dishwasher (aka: her indoor playground) or a mailbox and immediately throw her hands up over her head. I'll say "ok baby, you want me to open?" and then she will let out a big fake laugh like she does whenever we correctly guess what she wants. This particular picture was taken as she was asking me to open up the neighbor's car. She wasn't too happy when I told her that the car she had her sights so set on was a "no open". Major bummer.
She's really loving this little swing of hers. She has almost fallen asleep in it on more than one occasion in the last couple of days. Her head gets heavy and starts bobbing forward a bit too much with each upward pass and I'll step in front of the swing to peak on her. She has a glazed-over look on her face and then catches me out of the corner of her eye and gives me a shy, sleepy smile.  I pick her up, and we walk inside and do our unusual little nap time routine.


  1. This is such a beautiful post!! Definitly something your baby girl will cherish when she reads it when she's older :)

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    1. Ahhh thank you Jessica! The feeling is mutual, sweet friend :)


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