Navi and Lucy are the best of friends these days. She has recently learned how to say Lucy so I don't if its the novelty of being able to call her by name or if they are truly kindred spirits, destined to be together come hell or high water, but these two are pretty much inseparable. First thing in the morning, we're in Navi's room and I'm dressing her for the day and she asks about "Lou". The exchange goes something like this...

"Lucy's downstairs with all your other doggies. Sandy's down there and Doodles (what she calls Tank) and Peanut, too."
"Lou? Lou!?"
"You want to go down and see Lucy?"
**laughing and clapping**

Tank (who is now called only by his nickname, Doodles, since Navi calls him "Doodoo"...sorry bout it, Tank) occasionally gets mentioned but she never sheds a tear over his absence. If she's sitting in her highchair, she wants her Lou sitting underneath her. Upstairs for a diaper change? Lucy joins us or tears may fly. And if we go out in the front yard, her Lou has to come too (this proves to be a bit of a challenge since Lucy is deaf and obviously can't hear me when I call for her to come back into the yard, but we manage). If Lucy's not walking side by side of my sweet girl, she's always looking back to check on her, mothering her from a distance, so she (usually) sees me when I wave to her and signal that she's wandered off too far. She comes running back to us as fast as she can, breezing by just close enough for Navi to touch which is always good for a nice chubby baby belly laugh.

Navi has become quite fond of using Lucy as a sort of living, breathing anatomy diagram. Eyes, head, ears, nose, tongue, feet and tummy. Navi knows all of these body parts now and likes to practice their whereabouts on poor Lucy multiple times a day. Lucy patiently lays on her side while Navi crams her finger in her eye and declares "Ahhhyyy!!!" for the hundredth time (she's probably so tolerant of the whole ordeal because she knows when "tummy" comes along it means lots of free belly rubs, but still). I've always felt like the day that Lucy came into our lives was more about fate than coincidence. And when I see Navi jam her hand into Lucy's mouth to find her tongue and then watch as she in turn gives my little girl a big sloppy kiss across the face, I know that I must be right.

Sidenote: that sugary sweet photo is from Navi's my Instagram feed. I know, right? Way to go iPhone. Way.To.Go. Come par-tay with me @tissespieces ;)

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