Dog Tails: Sandy's Story

Sandy came into our lives in August, 2006. I had just started college and was still living with my parents. A guy my dad knew, lets call him RJ, had a dog named Destiny (foreshadowing?) that just had a litter of puppies and he made it quite clear that he wanted nothing to do with them. RJ had no respect for animals whatsoever and told my dad he was going to put the puppies in a box and drop them off in a ditch. My dad told him that he would take the puppies off his hands and find them homes but asked that RJ keep the puppies with their mom for at least five weeks. My dad came home and told my mom, sisters and I that we were going to be getting six puppies to care for in a few weeks and that we needed to get ready for them to move into our garage. We built a make shift kennel, stocked up on puppy supplies and counted down the days. Three girls and six puppies... we were pumped!

After just three weeks, RJ called my dad and said he couldn't wait any longer- apparently the puppy noises were getting to be too much for him to bare and he wanted my dad to come get the puppies right away. So at just three weeks old Sandy and her five siblings were taken from their mom and moved into a makeshift pen in my parent's garage. It wasn't the ideal situation, for sure, but we loved them with everything we had and tried our best to make it feel like home and be their mama. We fed them milk out of little bowls for the first few weeks and got up every three hours throughout the night to feed them  and clean out the kennel. We spent hour upon hour in that little pen everyday- feeding the puppies, playing with them and taking naps with them. It was an exhausting and incredibly rewarding experience and I am so grateful that my parents took it upon themselves to find six puppies new homes (even while already having four dogs of their own) and gave my sisters and I the chance to raise them.

When the pups were seven weeks old, we started trying to find them adoptive homes. Every time we had to say goodbye to a puppy it was a tear filled event- we had grown so attached to each of them. Luckily, we were able to adopt them all out to wonderful homes in just a few days with all but two of them went to people we knew. Sandy went with Chris.

Sandy was the biggest of the litter and was always laying on top of the other puppies to keep them warm. She quickly caught Chris's eye- or rather his ear... she was quite the little howler (and still is- perhaps from having some coyote in her heritage), and he fell in love with her pretty quickly. Chris had never had a dog growing up and now that he was living away at college, he was excited to be able to get a dog of his own. He raised Sandy in a house on campus that he rented with his five other room mates. Sandy was truly a guy's girl from the very beginning.

These days, Sandy spends her days swiping Navi's food, playing with her best friend Tank and swimming in the lake. She's an incredibly naughty, fence-jumping-baby-toy-eating-stranger-nipping-on-the-counter-jumping kinda girl. Make no mistake, she drives me crazy most of the time, but all in all she's a good girl. There is no end to her loyalty and I know that I can always count on her to protect our family at all cost. We gave those puppies a great gift...we raised them with such care and made sure that they were each placed in a loving, forever home. They also gave us a great gift. They taught me how to take care of someone other than myself, gave me a "mama badge" of sorts, and I can't forget the best gift of all...the one that dogs are just so good at giving- unconditional love.
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  1. Sandy is beautiful! I just love your dog tails! Makes me happy to know that there are other people in the world who love and care for dogs just as much as me!

    1. Thanks, Bailee! We crazy dog people gotta stick together... we seem less crazy that way ;) And we think she's pretty darn lovely too, its pretty much her only saving grace when she jumps on the counter and eats my lunch :)

  2. I love that you guys raised the puppies!!! If you haven't realized yet, I'm a huge animal lover!!! We can't wait to find a dog of our own!!! These stories have made me so happy!!! Thanks for sharing!! xo


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