A play-date and a boat ride.

We had a little play-date with my friend Kate and her twin boys. We usually get together with them about once every few weeks or so but this was the first time that the three littles really interacted with each other (beyond a few smiles here and there). Having twins, Kate obviously gets to see little babies playing together all the time, but for me it was a quite a treat being able to see Navi interact with other kids her age... I loved it! My sweet girl is pretty starved for kiddy interaction- she's still very much a baby but in a lot of ways I can see her turning into a little lady (too fast, if you ask me!). Hanging out with only mom all the time, I think sometimes she might forget that she's only 14 months old... and that occasionally someone other than her gets a turn to play with her toys.
^^^ Check out that t-shirt tan on my girl! I think my sunscreening skills leave something to be desired.
Chris and I took Navi for her first boat ride of the year this weekend (thanks for letting us borrow the boat Nana and Pop ;) Navi went on several boat rides last summer but she was still too young to really be excited about them. She knows the word "boat" now and she loves to point out any boat that gets in her line of sight- the amount of excitement with which she screams out "Bo! Bo!" tells me that she may or may not think of boats as exotic, mythical creatures- she gets pretty pumped up about them. So needless to say, there was lots of built up excitement about getting up close and personal with a boat. She started off our ride a little unsure, which then led to squirmyness/her trying to heave herself overboard, followed by through-the-roof excitement/squeals of joy and finally, complete and total exhaustion....and all in only forty minutes time.

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