A few firsts.

Navi had two firsts today. She played with the hose for the first time and also was soaked head to toe by the rain for the first time- both were a big hit. Her and her trusty sidekick Ms. Lucy splished and splashed back and forth through the hose stream until her toes were icy cold and the yard was flooded. She walked over to me and said "awak (a walk)" and I knew that meant she was all finished. (She always asks to go for a walk when she's feeling sleepy or just wants to be held for a while.)

We got ready for our walk and Chris pulled in from work just as we were getting ready to leave. We took our usual evening stroll around the neighborhood as a family and at about the halfway point it started pouring rain. We walked home in hazy sunshine while the rain poured down in sheets from invisible clouds, laughing as passerby's looked at us like we were crazy. Navi loved the rain- she squealed and patted my head..."ma-ma-ma-ma-ma!"... then laughed out loud when I jogged with her on my back down our driveway. Today was a good, good day.


  1. I love these photos. Stumbled upon your blog from Casey's blog. Love your blog!

    I am brand new to the blogging world.

    I am your newest follower! Follow me back?


  2. hehee how cute- this looks like so much fun!!!


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