Twelve months of baby.

Navi turned one a little over a month ago and I finally got around to putting all of her monthly growth pictures together. On her monthly birthday we would put her in the same laundry basket and take a picture so that we could see how she grew over her first year. She was never a fan of being laid in the laundry basket and was sure to make it known the second we set her down in it that she was an unhappy camper. About a million photos and several smile inducing fake sneezes later, we were always able to get at least one happy shot...and if I didn't know any better, looking at this collage I would think that getting in that basket was the highlight of her month. So worth the mini-meltdowns ;)


  1. Such a cutie! It's AMAZING how much they grow in a year, or really in a year and nine months. My little guy is 11 months and we've been trying to do weekly pics. I did well on and off for a while, but would change a few things to make it easier to actually complete. Isn't it great though having them to look back on and compare? Happy birthday to baby and mama!

    1. Thanks, Christina :) and yes, its definitely amazing how fast they grow! I was just telling a friend of mine this weekend that the changes a baby makes in the first year is just mind blowing to me. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE watching her grow and learn- its just got to be the best thing in the world.

  2. This is so freaking adorable!! I wish I would've been intentional about keeping track of my kids' early years. I'm on baby #3 now (who isn't much of a baby anymore), and just now getting into the swing of it. Keep it up; it'll be appreciated for years to come.


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