This weekend.

We had insanely gorgeous weather here on Friday and Saturday. We spent the days outside enjoying the sky and being rid of bulky layers. We walked, we played toss, we played on the swings and at bath time she had dirt under her nails- the telltale sign of a good day.

On Sunday Navi decided to skip nap all together. No nap. 8am-7pm, awake. When Navi doesn't get a nap or two she can be....exactly as you would expect a tired one year old to be. Cranky. We had a dinner planned with my family for my mom's birthday (which was last week) but since Navi skipped  her nap all day, I ended up flying solo to dinner. Chris and I figured she would be asleep for a super early bedtime and two hours in a car with a cranky baby just wasn't something we were up for. Halfway through dinner, Chris sent me a video of her laughing at the dogs while they were wrestling. She was so tired and slap happy and majorly belly laughing and I missed her. I missed that slap happy, cranky, giggly, nap skipping baby and I wanted so badly to see her before she went to bed.

When I got home it was 7:10pm and the door to her room was closed. I texted Chris and told him I really needed to see her before she went to sleep. He said she was out like a light and to come on in. I opened her door as quietly as I could and walked into  her room. It was dark but there was just enough light coming through her curtains for me to see. Chris was in the rocking chair and my angel was asleep in his arms. The sight of the two of them together just got me. I kissed her on her head and my throat tightened up like it does when I'm about to cry. I never use to think of myself as that much of a sap but that all changed the minute Navi was born- ever since then I have been the self proclaimed Queen Sap of Sap Island. I can get choked up over just about anything and seeing my baby asleep in that wonderful man of mine's arms is no exception.

She looked so peaceful and so pure. My silent tears fell and I started to think that I would give anything for her to stay that way. I don't ever want her to know hurt, rejection, embarrassment or pain. I don't want her to ever feel burned by another's words or actions. I want to protect her. Always. My mind went back to something that happened during the week- we took her to an indoor play facility and she toddled up to a few preschool aged kids. Big kids, they fascinate her. The other kids took one look at her, deemed her an unfit playmate, too small to play their Big Kid games, and they ran off to play somewhere else. Navi didn't seem to care about this one bit, and even tried to walk off and follow them, but it

I walked over and took her hand and led her over to some giant blocks- I built towers, she'd knocked them down and then I'd build them back up again. We made quite the little team her and I, and we had a blast. She forgot all about those big kids the moment I grabbed her hand.

I know I can't protect her from everything, but I will try. With everything in me, I will always try. And when her heart gets bruised and someone makes her feel too small or knocks her down, I hope she knows that she can always count on her mama to build her back up again.


  1. Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous. Love those chubby toddler legs. Hope she doesn't lose ALL the chub now she's walking!

    1. Thank you Ms George!... I think she's quite lovely as well ;) And yes, I hope she doesn't lose it all too!!! Every night I'm like "Chris, do you think her tummy looks smaller?! Do you think its shrinking away!?" haha I just lovelovelove that baby chub!

  2. Your pictures are adorable! Although I love the age that my son is at right now (2 1/2), I sure miss those days when he was just starting to walk and could still fall asleep in our arms!

    Melissa @ Fit 'n' Well Mommy

    1. Thanks, Melissa! Its so cliché but the saying of "they grow up so fast" is just so true, isn't it?! Teeny-tiny-squishy-newborn-baby days were pretty great but I think this learning to walk age has to be my favorite so far. And I hear ya- I just know I'll about have a meltdown when she doesn't fall asleep on me anymore!


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