This week.

For the most part its been a sloppy, rainy, mess around here and we've been busting out the books, taking baths for no reason and banging on pots and pans trying to stay occupied. We have had a few nice days hours thrown in the mix this week and when that sunshine decides to show itself we head straight to the park. We got to visit with the grandparents this week and even had a mid-week breakfast with Chris (on account of him sleeping in from Navi's random up-till-2am-for-no-apparent-reason-extravaganza we had the night before...woohoo!!!). We're still working hard on walking over here, eight unassisted steps is her current record in case you were wondering. She's becoming quite the pro at standing up from a sitting position- she's perfected this awesomely cute wide legged stance like you would see on a sumo wrestler. Oh, and I learned something this week... if you want her to sing, just put on Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men. Apparently that's her jam. Who could blame her? 
^^I literally can't stop smiling when I look at this picture. She is giving kisses these days and this may be one of the only ones I've ever captured on camera.
There are buds on those trees. Buds I say! So if I'm not mistaken, leaves and flowers will soon be on their way and I.cant.wait!

 ^^ This is what her face looks like right after she finishes tugging on my legs and saying "up, up"... Those eyes of hers look straight into my soul. I'm sure of it.

The girl loves to swing. Like loves it, loves it. And dirt- she also loves eating dirt. And stealing her mama's heart- she's pretty great at that too :)
Oh yeah, and this happened too. ^^ I went to my parent's for a visit and decided that my quality time at their house just wouldn't be complete unless I tampered with sis's underwear while she was at school. Because that's just what we do. And call it strange, but something about watching her retrieve her skivvies in the front yard, in the rain, just really seems to make my day. ;)

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