My little helper.

We've been busy enjoying this 50's something weather that's been floating around here these last couple of days. Lots of bike rides, walks and trips to the park. I put her on my lap and hold her with one arm and we swing and swing until my muscles are too tired- we take a short break, and then we swing some more. She holds her breath on the downswing and laughs or sings on the upswing. She points out cars as they drive by and we get reacquainted with the sunshine. Its an all around beautiful time. Unfortunately, we still haven't got any of the ducks or geese to be brave enough to let us feed them. No worries though, Navi's not complaining about it- more snacks for her, you know.
She also has turned into quite the little helper lately. Her most recent good deed? "Helping" me put away the groceries. Shopping cart (aka: wagon) and all, this girl systematically emptied out the two bottom shelves of the pantry this weekend. And with a face like that, and the longest eyelashes I've ever seen, come better believe I was cheering her on for all of her hard work :)

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