My eggplant parmesan baby.

When I was 42 weeks pregnant with Navi I started to lose my go-with-the-flow attitude and I really got nervous about going past my due date. I had planned a home birth with minimal medical intervention and I was concerned that going too long past my due date may jeopardize my ability to see my home birth plan through.

I started searching the internet for natural ways to induce labor because I desperately wanted to give my body a chance to kick start things on its own. I ran across a recipe for eggplant parmesan from a restaurant in Georgia called Scalini's and I figured it was worth giving a shot (recipe, here). I was skeptical at first but after reading about all of the restaurants's "eggplant babies", I was sold.

Apparently the restaurant never intended to make a labor inducing dish but so many women kept coming back after eating their eggplant parmesan and told them they went into labor from it so they started up a wall of fame for their "eggplant babies". Good Morning America got ahold of the story and Scalini's graciously published the recipe on their website for people near and far to try.

So now back to my story... I told Chris we needed to do a labor inducing grocery store run and I'm pretty sure he had that "she's-totally-losing-it-but-she's-pregnant-so-I-just-have-to-support-her" look down to a tee. Here's how it went down...

I spent well over two hours in the kitchen on March 2nd whipping up an Italian feast to feed about 1,000 people. I'm no gourmet by any means but I know my way around the kitchen and I found this recipe to be pretty taxing. Homemade all.the.way. No shortcuts with this bad boy. We ate dinner around 7pm (and it was gooooood).

Chris and Sandy giving some last minute encouragement...
At 11pm, I noticed I was spotting. I called my midwife who told me it was a sign that labor may come sometime in the next few days and to rest up (I had just had an appointment with her earlier in the day and I don't think she thought that labor was too imminent based on our previous exam). At 1:30am my water broke and contractions started. By 8am my contractions were strong and regular and by 5:30pm on March 3rd, my angel was born. I don't know what it is and call it crazy, but this recipe worked for us, I'm sure of it.

I would say don't try this recipe unless you are well past your due date and using it as a last attempt to avoid a medical induction. Babies need all their time to bake- so leave that bun in the oven! Happy baby baking and happy birthing :)


  1. What an awesome story! It sounds like a yummy dish too. And p.s. Cute little knobs on your kitchen cabinets! :)

    1. Thanks, Courtney :) My sisters and I painted most of them- silly little doodles mostly. My dad made my favorite one- it was a tiny painting of Chris and I at are wedding that was super good. We moved houses in August of last year but I took the knobs with me. They are sitting in a box in the attic now but I put a few of them in a shadowbox on our wall as a reminder of our first place together. Oh, and yes- the recipe was VERY good (although that's my 9+ months pregnant memory talking so who really knows ;)


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