This little girl of mine is turning into quite the jokester lately. Big happy-belly-giggles can be heard coming out of her mouth all throughout the day (mixed in with a tantrum or two for variety of course ;).

Here are some of her favorite new chuckle inducing activities are... 1) Playing chase: she crawls away from me real fast while panting like a dog and keeps looking over her shoulder until I catch on that this is the name of the game. 2) Being tickled: she will stand up against the couch and lean her head back purposely putting her neck up for grabs and even hold her arm up with a "come on, mom, armpits are ripe for the taking" kinda face. 3) And last but not least, the "gazoontite game". Ripped paper used to be all the rage, but now that Navi is older and wiser she has a much more mature sense of humor...all the cool kids know, fake sneezes are really where its at. Thanks to my Oscar winning sneezes, we snagged this little slice of deliciousness...laugh induced gagging and all :)

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