Favorites for baby: birth - 1 year

Here's my list of favorite, Googled like crazy, spent-too-much-time-reviewing-but-good-thing-I-did-because-we-love-them, baby products. From birth-1 year old, these are the things that we have been using. {insert here a touch of shame for my arsenal of stuffity-stuff-stuff}. I loved recommendations for baby registry items when I was pregnant so hopefully any of you pregnant or soon-to-be pregnant mamas find this helpful. I'm no expert, and every family is different, this is just what worked for us :)
You can find my favorites for pregnancy here.
BOB Revolution SE- This stroller is pretty hard core and may be a bit much for folks living in the city. But living on a dirt road in the boonies like we do can mean a bumpy ride for baby in the stroller and this bad boy was exactly what we needed. The wheels are great and gives the little one a super smooth ride. We used this thing year round (yes, I pushed a stroller through snow. Yes, people stared) and I never had any problems. 
BOB Infant Car Seat Adaptor- This is a little bar thingy that attaches to the BOB stroller so that you can click your carrier car seat onto it. This was great for the early months when Navi wasn't big enough to strap into the stroller yet. Also, it faces the car seat towards you when you're walking which is nice for being able to tend to baby as needed.

BOB Weather Shield- We wouldn't have been able to use our stroller year round if it were for this thing. Keeps wind and any precipitation off baby and is easy to get on and off. 
Boba Organic Wrap- I am a BIGGG fan of baby wearing. I still wear Navi everyday be it out at the store, on a walk or while cleaning the house. This was our first wrap, its super soft and stretchy and it is so perfect for carrying around teeny tiny babies. Since its a stretchy wrap we only used this until she was about 4 months old because my little chunker got too heavy for the stretchy fabric but a friend of mine borrowed it and used it until her boys were 6 months old, so it really just depends on the size of your baby and what  you are both comfortable in. You can see me wearing her face out in the wrap here.
Boba Carrier 3g- We continue to use this carrier everyday. These days, its definitely her favorite carrier and the one she is most likely to fall asleep in. It can be worn on your front or your back, comes in all different colors, is comfortable and is a  buckle carrier so its super easy to take on and off. You can see what the carrier looks like on in this picture... I'm wearing it on my back with Navi as a 5 month old and there's a picture on my Instagram of me wearing it on my front with one year old Navi. You can read a full review of my experience with babywearing, here. 

Sakura Bloom Ring Sling- I didn't get this carrier until Navi was about 6 months old and I wish I would've had it when she was an infant. This sling is so quick to put on and easy to use and is truly a carrier that can be used from infancy-toddlerhood. We use this sling every day...highly, highly recommend it. (side note: the model we have is the double linen layer one...here) You can read a full review of my experience with babywearing, here. 
Fisher Price My Little Snugabunny Bouncer- Navi slept in this thing every night for the first three months. She loved it. She slept. Enough said. 
Evenflo ExerSaucer Tripe Fun Active Learning Center- This activity center was really put to the test by my chunky monkey. She beat the hell outta this thing, bouncing in it, slobbering on it, beating on it, it was a real trooper. This was a nice way for her to have some activity time when she was too small to sit up on her own unassisted. I would just stuff blankets around her and she was able to be a part of the action and learn how to use those little hands of hers. 
Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rollin’ Activity Table- This table has to be my #1 favorite toy for the first year (and she is 13 months and still uses it everyday). She loved this from the minute she learned how to stand. It is very sturdy, has height adjustments and is more than just buttons to push.

Radio Flyer Walker Wagon- there are soooo many push walkers on the market and this one is our favorite one that we tried. Its super sturdy so you don't have to worry about baby tipping it over. The wheels turn  smoothly and they wont damage your floor, the big open space is perfect for babies that like to gather up "goodies" and there is a big bumper on the front end of it to keep your walls hole-free.

Mamas and Papas Baby Snug- We tried the Bumbo seat with Navi at first but her chubby little legs kept getting stuck when we tried to get her out. We switched to this seat and fell in love!

Chicco Hippo Hook-On Travel Seat- This is the high chair that we use for Navi when we are out and about. It folds up and simply hooks onto pretty much any table. It's nice because it puts her at table level  (which a lot of restaurant seats do not for some reason?) and I don't have to worry about her getting in a restaurant's highchair that may not be clean.  I get moms asking me where I got this all the time and it is still the seat that we use every time that we go out to eat or to someone's house that doesn't have a high chair.
Feeding items will obviously vary greatly depending on whether or not you breastfeed or bottle feed during the first year. I breast pumped and bottle fed for a year so my favorite items incorporate a bit from both worlds of breast and bottle...
You can find my favorites for breastfeeding/pumping here.

BabyGanics Dish Dazzler Foaming Bottle Soap- I love that this soap is made of all baby-friendly ingredients, I used this to clean all of my breast pump parts.

Beaba Spoon and Fork Set- We had a pack of rubber coated teeny tiny spoons that we used when we first introduced Navi to solids (she was 4 months...she only liked apples). When she got to be about 7 months old and more interested in getting what was on that spoon into her mouth, we bought these. At 13 months old, she is starting to feed herself and the shape of these are perfect for her little hands.
Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack- This is the bottle rack for you...holds all different shaped bottles and parts and is soooo cute. We use this in a drawer to hold all her bottles in place. 
aden + anais Muslin Burpy Bib - The best bibs in my opinion. We still use these with every meal and I especially loved these when she was super tiny both because they are soft and big enough to catch any and all baby spit ups during feed times. 
Hygiene/medicine cabinet:
So I know this type of stuff is super subjective and really all about what you're into- but that being said, this little hodge podge of odd items are ones that I wish I would've stumbled across right from the get go. Since some of these hygiene/medicine cabinet items fly under the mass market radar, it took me a wee bit before I was able to  find these sneaky little boogers...
Nosefrida- For that sick baby you hope you never have. Have one of these handy for when your baby gets the sniffles, its soooo much better than any traditional bulb nose syringe. You won't regret it. 
The Windi- This item is beyond weird, I bought it at the same time I bought the Nosefrida because they are made by the same company and I was on an online shopping binge. I've only used these things twice, but both times they really saved the day. Have them on hand for when gas bubbles get the best of your baby.
Puj Tub- We used this tub to bathe Navi in the kitchen sink, she LOVED it. Its so soft, stores great and dries super fast.  
Rinse Ace Indoor Outdoor Pet Sprayer- If you're only going to get one thing in this category, this is probably the one to go for. I know it sounds crazy to use a pet sprayer on your kid but let me tell you, it makes bath time a breeze! Once baby is being bathed in the regular bathtub, this sprayer installs onto your shower head and makes bath time so easy.
Blooming Bath - We started using this when Navi moved into the big girl tub. Its basically like a giant sponge so she wouldn't slip around and would have something soft to sit/lay on. We still use it with every bath.
Little Tummy’s Gas Relief Drops- Medicine is obviously a matter of personal preference, but I wish someone would've told me about these gas drops early on. Chris's friend from work told him about how much they helped his son and they really became a lifesaver for us on more than a few occasions.
Hyland’s Teething Tablets- Found these wonder tablets at Meijer while browsing the teething gel section. They're pretty awesome.
Boogie Wipes- I always have a pack of these in the diaper bag when I go out. They are super soft and the saline in them helps to easily wipe up any sticky baby goo on hands and faces.
Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm- This stuff is the AWESOME! We use it with every diaper change and we never have any diaper rash problems. It can also be used for cuts and scrapes and for treating different fungal infections.

Exergen Temporal Thermometer - This thermometer is nice and quiet for scanning a sick baby's forehead while they're sleeping. It does beep but it is by far the least obnoxiously beeping one that I've found.

aden + anais Muslin Swaddling Blankets- So soft and they realllllyy hold up well after tons of washings. She loves these blankets!
aden + anais Muslin Issie Security Blankets- These blankets are tiny little squares with satin edging, kind of a mini version of the blankets above^. We put this in her crib with her when she was tiny because she has always loved having something to snuggle. Also, the material is breathable and its small enough that we didn't worry about it getting wrapped around her.
Miracle Blanket- Swaddling is obviously a very personal choice. But if you do choose to swaddle, we really loved this blanket...we used it at bedtime with Navi until she was about 6 months old.
Dohm DS Sound Conditioner - Best.Noise.Machine.Ever! I love the sound of this it puts me to sleep as soon as I hear it. Nothing fancy, no trickling waterfall sounds or anything just true white noise.
Vornado AVH2 Whole Room Vortex Heater- It gets cold around these parts. Like collllddd cold! This was the perfect heater for her bedroom- It is super quiet and you can set a temperature so it doesn't just blow hot air constantly.
Motorola Digital Baby Monitor - When I was registering I looked at baby monitors and thought "What in the world would I want a video monitor for? That's crazy!" Wrong. I got a regular monitor and shortly after Navi came, I took it back. She slept in our room for the first 6 months or so, and when she moved into her own room I was soooo happy that I had a monitor that let me see her in such detail. Being able to see her chest rise and fall really helped put my CrazyMama tendencies at ease.
Go Mama Go Wonder Bumpers- When Navi started sitting up on her own she would constantly fall back and whack her head on the crib rails. Lots of people think I'm crazy for using these...and maybe I am... but being insanely crazy with Navi is something I've decided to own... and we like these bumpers, so here ya go :).
These are the toys that she loved from the time she could sit up until now (13 months), (not the toys she loved for 5 seconds and then never touched again). Also high on the list of amazing toys...kitchen goodies: strainer, wisk, measuring cups and spoons etc. :)

B. One Two Squeeze Blocks- Fit perfectly in little hands and are perfect chew toys for sore gums.
Vulli Gnon Teether- Made by the same company that makes Sophie the Giraffe but Navi liked this one more. Same annoying squeaky sound as the Giraffe one but the girl loves this thing. And she's the boss. So if she says it stays, it stays.
Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Rock-a-Stack Rings- One of our dogs got ahold of the blue ring in this set... so its a favorite of babies and canines alike.
blabla doll- These knit dolls cost a pretty penny, but she lovesssss her Fofo. And something about seeing those chubby arms give that knit doll a big hug just gives me the warm fuzzies.
The girl is verrryyy particular about her books. She's getting into books that are a little more wordy now, but these are still some of her favorite go-to books for a good read sesh. These are the top picks of our resident literary critic...

F is for Farm
Puppy Love
Brown Bear and Friends Board Book Gift Set
Green Eggs and Ham
First Words

Put Me In The Zoo

Time for Bed
Navi wore cloth diapers exclusively until she was about ten months old. Around that time she started to hate having her diaper changed. Since cloth diapers really need to be changed every two hours or so, this presented a challenge. So we worked in some disposables into our diaper arsenal (we love the plant based Honest Company Diapers) and now we use about 75% disposables and 25% cloth. Even though we are no longer exclusively cloth diapering, I still saved money by going the cloth diaper route for as long as I did and I will be using my cloth diapers on any future baby that I may be blessed with. Cloth diapers are so cute and now that I use disposables quite often, I can honestly say that cloth diapers aren't any more work than disposables (at least for us) -cloth is definitely worth looking into.

bumGenius Elemental One-Size Diaper (available in bulk for a discount here)- The inside of these diapers are made of all organic cotton so they are super absorbant and soft on baby's skin. I have rarely ever had a leak in these diapers even into the three hour mark. They are a one size diaper though so the downside is that they can be pretty bulky.
bumGenius Diaper Sprayer- If you are going to cloth diaper you need a sprayer (and even if your not you still may want to look into it...).
Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm- I mentioned this above in the hygiene/medicine cabinet section since it can be used for a variety of cuts/scrapes/rashes. This is the best diaper cream that we have tried and one of the only ones that can be used with cloth diapers. We use this with every change and have never had a problem with rashes.
Softbums Diapers- These are my favorite cloth diaper because they are the only one-size I have found that isn't super bulky. The inserts can be either bamboo or micro fleece depending on your preference.
Planet Wise Hanging Wet Bag- We use these bags to hold the diapers in-between wash cycles.
Kawaii One-Size Pocket Bamboo Diaper- We used these as her overnight diaper before we switched to Huggies Overnights. They are all bamboo on the inside and she never once woke up with a red bum or any red marks around her chubby legs.

Honest Company Diapers- We are using disposables more and more these days and these are our diapers of choice. They are plantbased, and the patterns are so cute. You purchase a mail order subscription for these diapers and they come with wipes (which I'm not a fan of). They have a calculator on their site that allows you to compare the cost of their diapers with the diapers you currently use to see a cost comparison. The prices are very reasonable.

As far as clothes go, thats a pretty personal choice thats really dependant on your style. That being said, I just have to say that anything from Kicky Pants is amazing, especially their pajamas!… Nothing is as soft, wears as nice, cleans up as good, goes on as easy, holds its form or looks quite as cute as these bamboo cozies. My personal favorites are the nightgowns for when she was teeny tiny and the footie pj's for when she got a little bigger. Also, the onesies are great. Side note: These are pretty pricey as far as baby clothes are concerned but one goes a long way since they are so stretchy so you can use it for much longer than a traditional clothes (and they don't stain!) so in my opinion the cost-per-use is relatively low and I definitely think I got my money's worth. Also, for cold weather babies, these booties from Patagonia are so cozy and most importantly, STAY ON!

PHEW! That was a long one...hope you took a pee break ;-)

Do you have a favorite baby product that I should know about for any future babies I may be blessed with??? Share them with me in the comments section :)


  1. awesome reviews and info! some of the items are just what I'm needing to know about right now

    1. Thanks, Anne :) I loved reading about other people's registries and such when I was pregnant so I'm glad you found it helpful!

  2. Hi,
    I am a mommy from WI, I just ran across your blog tonight at work, I have a almost 15month old little girl, and I loved reading about your little girl. We also love most of the things listed above. I just thought I would mention our favorite book to you. Read "On the night you were born" it is such a sweet book and it will make you cry! Enjoy!


    1. Hi Molly! Thanks so much for the book recommendation- my sister bought that book for me when Navi was first born and she was never interested in it until a few months ago, but now she is totally obsessed with it (as am I!) and it is a part of our regular reading rotation, its just BEAUTIFUL! So glad you stumbled upon my little space... and keep the book recommendations coming, I'm always looking for a good one to add to our stash!

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