Easter goodness.

Happy (belated) Easter! We started the day off right over here with a visit from the Easter Bunny. Ms. Navi went through her Easter basket of goodies, her favorite treat being the plastic eggs filled with puffs (shake shakes and num-nums, what's not to love?!), my favorite treat being the bunny ears and bib from Nana. After a little on-the-road hiccup involving a diaper malfunction and the demise of an Easter outfit, we made it to my parent's house for dinner and an egg hunt. We played outside, Navi jumped on my parent's trampoline for the first time and I played a teensy weensy joke on my little sis :). A lovely, lovely day.
 ^^ That's my smokin' hot mom and her trusty companion Big Jane in the background- they're hiding eggs for Ms. Navi to find...^^

 ^^ Oh, this? I might have put my sister's underwear in a plastic bag and set it afloat on the pool cover- because that's what sisters do, right? Call it an early April Fools joke ;) ^^

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