Dog Tails: Tank's Story

I got Tank on May 8th, 2006 as a high school graduation present from Chris (per my request). A zoo nearby had a dog adoption event going on where all the local shelters would bring their dogs so that potential adopters could meet lots of dogs all in one place. When I first saw Tank he was sleeping in a cage with three other puppies and they were all walking on top of him. Puppies are excitable. A new environment with tons of people giving out attention is really a puppy's bread and butter so when I saw him passed out like that, I knew something was very wrong. Of course out of the hundreds of dogs at the event that day, the sick puppy was the one that called my name. I was holding him while waiting in line to fill out his adoption paperwork and he never even woke up. Then, out of nowhere, he threw up on me and kept right on sleeping. I knew that something had to be seriously wrong with him.

We rushed Tank to the vet but they couldn't get him to wake up. Even with pieces of canned dog food in from of his face he was just lifeless on their exam table. He was very dehydrated so they gave him an IV to get some fluids into him and he slowly started to wake up. After reading through his medical paperwork that we got with his adoption, this is what we were able to piece together: at just five weeks old, the shelter that he was at had decided to neuter him (presumably so that he would be eligibale for the adoption event and hopefully make more space in their facility). Eight hours after getting neutered he then was put in a cage with three other puppies and brought to the event. He was severly dehydrated, had an ear infection and mange. The vet said he probably would've been dead in a few more hours had we not brought him in.

Over the next few weeks I nursed Tank back to health and he developed trust with me that to this day still impresses me. A few months after I got Tank, Chris got his first dog, Sandy. Even though I was living with my parents and Chris was at college with Sandy, the two of them would see each other whenever Chris would come for a visit- so they basically grew up together and were/are the very best of friends. I think they threw their own little party the day they finally got to live together.

A little story to describe Tank's personality... A few years ago, Tank got a hold of some sewing thread and ate six spools of the stuff. It was a pretty serious injury but a trip to the emergency vet and about a foot of his intestines later and he was on the mend. The vet wanted him to stay at the emergency animal hospital for three days to be monitored and then he would be free to come home. After a day and a half the vet called me and said she thought I should come pick him up. The vet said he seemed more depressed than injured now and was refusing to eat or drink. She said he wasn't going to get any better if he wouldn't eat and she guessed that he may just be missing home. She said as long as we kept him quiet and calm for the next few days, she would prefer that we pick him up a little early. So off we went to make the hour and a half drive to pick up the silly boy. Sure enough he perked right up the second he saw us and man, oh man, was he happy to be home. He woofed down his dinner that night and over the next week or so he healed up like a champ.

Tank is over 100lbs but he is a gentle giant- if he likes you. He's never met another animal he doesn't like, and the smaller the better- he loves kittens and even bunnies. Tank is as loyal a dog as I've ever seen and I swear I think the fuzzy boy would lay down in a puddle for me to walk on him so that I wouldn't have to get my feet wet. He is a BIG mama's boy, thats for sure and can be quite fierce about it. Being such a mama's boy though, he is super protective and because of this he has to be put in another room when visitors come. Sadly, there are just a handful of people in this world who know what a sweet, gentle boy my Tank is. No matter though, he doesn't seem to mind one bit about his lack of friends, so long as he's wrestling with Sandy all day and laying at my feet at the end of the night, he's a happy boy.
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  1. Love! I am a huge dog lover and am so glad I found your blog! I feel like you are a kindred soul! Thank you for sharing your life I really enjoy following along!

    1. Spoken right to the Anne Shirley in me ;) I love finding me a good kindred spirit out in the world- how cool is that, right!? Thanks so much Bailee, glad you're here :)!

  2. You are awesome. Thank you so much for caring about animals like you do!

  3. This just filled me up!!! ❤️


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