Dog Tails: Lucy's Story

This is Lucy's story and how despite the odds, she made it to exactly where she was always meant to be, snoring on our couch with her head in my lap.

Before Navi was born, I was a part of a non-profit dog rescue group. I organized foster homes and helped get shelter dogs and strays the rehabilitation that was necessary to find them their forever homes. One day in August 2010, I went to the local shelter to pick up a dog that I had arranged to get a few days before. When I walked into the lobby, I saw one of the kennel workers walking a white, spotted pitbull into a side room of the facility.

She was an all bouncy, tail wagging, wiggly sorta girl and a true doppleganger to my sister's dog so she totally caught my eye. I knew that they take the dogs into this room to give them their shots prior to being adopted. "Oh how nice, is she getting adopted today?" I asked. "No. We can't adopt pitbulls out from this location. Her one week mandatory hold is up so today is her euthanzia day." I felt that telltale I'm-goona-cry lump form in my throat. I pleaded with the lady to give me ten minutes to make some phone calls to see if I had a foster available that could take her in (because even though they can't adopt pitbulls out to the the public at that location they can still sign them over to a rescue organization).

A few phone calls later and I had two shelter dogs loaded up in my backseat. I decided to name this bouncy snow-white girl Lucy(after the Beatles song), and the plan was for me to keep her at my place for a few days while waiting for another foster spot to open up. She had fleas, an ear infection and had had puppies not too long ago. I took her in the backyard when I got home to give her a treatment to kill the fleas and I noticed she was not listening to me AT ALL. She seemed more scared than bouncy now that we were one-on-one with each other and wasn't at all comforted by my reassuring tone. The next day, I worked on gaining Lucy's trust and introducing her to our other dogs now that she was flea free. She wasn't getting any more comfortable with me but she was quickly the life of the party with our other pups. When Chris got home later that night she was sleeping on the floor. All the dogs ran to greet him, a few even barked. Lucy did not budge. She didn't even flinch. It was then that I realized that Lucy was deaf.

We did some tests with her over the next few days- calling to her in the yard, trying to startle her from behind or while she was sleeping... it quickly became clear that she couldn't hear a thing. I don't know how I missed it from the very start. Our vet later told us that Lucy was born deaf and that deafness is very common is some breeds if the dog is all white. We started working on teaching Lucy sign language, which she caught onto surprisingly fast, and once she could tell that we were communicating with her, she quickly began to trust us. We kept her in our home as a foster rather than transferring her to the other volunteer since she required a little extra care. We worked towards adopting her out but finding an adoptive home for a pitbull can be very challenging. Add to that the fact that she is deaf and it was next to impossible. During her time up for adoption we never got one single inquiry on her.

Never the matter, it was all for the best. We decided to formally adopt Lucy nine months after I picked her up from the pound and I'm sure now that Ms. Lucy was always meant to join our family. Here we are, three years later, and Lucy is just as calm and peaceful of a dog as I've ever seen. Her and Navi are the best of friends, and have been since day one. "Dog" was one of Navi's first words and she gets so excited to see her pups every morning. Lucy watches over my sweet Navi like its her life calling and I just couldn't ask for a better pup to have found our family.

One of my favorite memories with Lucy was the morning after Navi was born. Since I had a homebirth we had to take the dogs to my mom's house so that they wouldn't interfere with the midwives doing their job. Except for Lucy. She stayed at the house with us during the birth and was able to meet Navi the morning after she was born. Since she was a mama once before, I figured she could share some happy-birthing-juju with me ;). Seeing her meet our sweet baby for the first time was so beautiful. She was so gentle and took it upon herself from the very start to be her guardian.

Lucy's world may be a quiet one- she has never heard the sound of a dog barking, or heard the chirping of birds- but this sweet girl has taught me that you don't need to be able to hear someone's words in order to listen to their heart.
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  1. Found you through The Weigands and have been looking through, and can't help but just want to hug that puppy face! I had a rescue pit years ago who looked exactly like Lucy. Sweetest little guy. I just love the pink skin on the face and the soft muzzles. And what a lucky turn of events that you found each other. Those pics of the three of you on Nazi's birthday are beautiful.

    Plus I love that you fostered! I did for a while but haven't since Declan came. It's just a bit too busy to add a puppy into the mix. :)

    1. Yay for fostering (and for pits)! I hear ya on the busy-baby-house, we haven't fostered in several months and I don't see it in the near future either. But someday we will welcome a foster back into our home, thats for sure. If you could just get a hold of Ms. Lucy's puppy face you would be instantly in love, I'm sure of it! She is THE softest and just too sweet for words :)

  2. I just loved everything about this story! My dog is a rescue and part pit. We do not know much of her background; she was two when we adopted her. We didn't know it at the time but she was really sick when we adopted her. She is timid of men she doesn't know, and missing a toe on her left foot, but she has certainly come a long way in the four years she has been with us (healthy and more trusting everyday)!I wish I could rescue them all! It always warms my heart when I read stories of other rescues! Thank you for sharing your pup's stories!

    1. Thanks, Heather! Kudos to you for adopting a pup of your own, especially a pit mix... they are definitely in desperate need of loving homes and understanding people! Its been my experience that rescue pups just seem to know that you helped them out in a time where they really needed it and they make it their mission to spend the rest of their days showing you how much they love you. If you ask me, we adopters are really the lucky ones in the equation :)

  3. So wonderful!!! Lots of tears for me... You are extraordinaire!!! 😊 So thankful Lucy found you!!


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