Daddy time.

She is so excited when he gets home. He picks her up like he hasn't seen her in ages. She talks with him and shares her snacks. She tells him things, big things, things that are important to her that day, like there is a squirrel in the yard, the dogs are barking and she has new shoes. I mentally check out for twenty minutes or so and they go off into their own little world. Off on an adventure. They walk to get the mail, go down to the lake, play with blocks or read books and she shows him her favorite game of the day. Its daddy time, just the two of them.

When he comes home his batteries are close to empty. Time with her recharges him- fills him up. Don't get me wrong, this girl LOVES her mama to no end, but theres just something about exploring the world with her dad by her side that just cannot be beat.

Seeing these two together just melts my heart and I am once again reminded that I am exactly where I want to be.


  1. I'm so jealous that you have a lake nearby, even though I honestly don't think my dog could ever handle being stuck in the house if that was the case! And babies with their dads is so heart-warming. My husband works from home so we don't get that coming home moment. I love it since I get help throughout the day, but it also definitely changes the whole dynamic of the way I am with Declan and what I do around the house. I think I'm a bit lazier... whooops!


    1. Yeah when we moved here in August the dogs were pretty juiced up for a few weeks thinking that they were on vacation and all rules were out the window- we played the in/out/in/out game a bit too much for my taste. And a work from home dad- how awesome! Thats so nice to be able to spend so much time together as a family!


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