A regular day.

In this thing they call motherhood the good days are oh, so good. Even an average run-of-the-mill day fills your heart like that first-time-you-fell-in-love-feeling could only dream about.

There are also bad days. The hide-under-a-blanket-for-ten-seconds-longer-than-necessary-during-peekaboo-just-so-I-can-be-by-myslef-for-a-second days. The days when the messes make messes, you don't drink a sip of water until 8pm, and you wear your hair in a ponytail for the seventh day in a row. These days can be a challenge.

Then that thing happens. That tiny thing that your little one does that makes your heart burst with happiness and suddenly, like sunshine bringing back the peace after a treacherous storm, your heart is settled. And now in an instant, that seemingly hellish day, doesn't seem so bad after all. I had one of those bad days this week.

We had a visit from that monster they call "teething" and despite my best HappyMom face, by 3pm I was ready to call it quits for the day. Then I watched as Navi stood from a sitting position for only the second time without holding onto anything (five times in a row!), and then crawled over to give me an unsolicited kiss- all in the matter of ten minutes. Two simple things, but in that ten minute time span, my whole day turned around. I clapped for her, laughed with her and happily sang that song she loves for the hundredth time. I once again had on my mama googly eyes and could see with clarity all of the wonderful sparks of happiness that happened throughout the day. My own personal little sunshine had settled my heart.

Kids are funny this way. With just the tinniest gesture, they can take a day that feels like you can't even see your hand in front of your face and turn it into a day that you can look back on with a smile. I went to bed that night with a full heart and a sore back and fond memories of a great day with my girl. It was in fact, a good, good day.
PS- In case you're wondering, I never have to wipe up the floor under her high chair... ^^these guys are my own personal clean up crew^^ Score!

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