Pregnancy Favorites

Bella Band - This is perfect for that sweet spot in pregnancy when your butt will still fit into your old jeans even though your belly is saying "no way!"... (note that during pregnancy this is called the "sweet spot", after pregnancy it is referred to as something different entirely ;) At just under 30 bucks you really cant go wrong since this is a product that you will be able to use both during and after pregnancy.

Belly Bar Chews - When I was pregnant, any and every prenatal vitamin had me running for the nearest available puke receptical. After a few months of nausea, I switched to Flinstones gummies and stopped drinking milk and it was smooth sailing from then on out. I added these chews into my daily supplement arsenal as a means of getting in some extra DHA. Also, they taste like! 

Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil and Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter- I cannot say enough good things about the Mama Mio stretch mark products. I used this stuff every day during my pregnancy starting around 3 months. Heres the low down on my daily belly grease downs... Around 3 months I used this stretch mark oil every night after I showered. Then, around 4 months I used the oil both at night and in the morning. Around 6 months I used the oil at night and the butter in the morning. Just depending on how my skin felt, sometimes I would use the butter once in the middle of the day. I used these products until I was 6 weeks post partum. Bonus: this stuff smells AMAZING (kind of orange-ish?) and after so many months of using it religiously, just one sniff and I'm reminded of those sweet days carrying Ms. Navi around in my belly :).

Boppy Body Pillow- This is one of those things that you really don't really how much you need until you have it. I got this body pillow when I was 8 months pregnant. I was having a lot of pain in my hips in the morning and my midwife suggested a body pillow to alleviate the strain on my hips while I slept. Enter the Boppy Body Pillow AKA pure side-sleeping bliss! Here we are over a year later and I still use this body pillow every night.

One more far as maternity clothes are concerned, the shirts from Gap's Pure Body collection are excellent. Great fabric, fit and quality.

Happy pregnancy mamas! Sure, it can be a challenging time filled with physical and emotional trials, but there is just nothing quite as amazing as growing a human life. I mean how great is that?! Answer: mind blowingly, incredibly, life alteringly, unbelievably great.

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