Miss Navi turned one this weekend. ONE! That's serious "big girl" territory! It was definitely a bittersweet day for me, a reminder of just how fast my little angel is growing up. We took some pictures of her in this fancy little get up (because that's what big girls wear, right? ruffled rompers?) and then tried to get a cake-smash picture. No go on the cake smash, turns out she's not into sweets (?!), but she's never met a green bean she didn't love.

Her favorite word is "mama", she loves her dogs and crawls as fast as she can to the door when she hears her dad come home from work. She loves being outside, reading books and anything to do with making messes. She weighs 25lbs and is 32.5 inches tall. She gives the best kisses, has the sweetest laugh and gets throw-down angry if she's told "no". She is walking behind her little push wagon, crawling up stairs and tugging on my pants when she needs to be picked up. She is the best. The best.

Ruffled romper and headband.

So crazy the difference a year can make. It's like she was just born yesterday yet I can't even imagine our life before her. Happy birthday my sweet girl, I love you!

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